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Dynasties: The Families that Changed the World (2018) 4of4 Royal

Dynasties The Families That Changed the World Series 1 4of4 Royal
Dynasties: The Families That Changed the World
Across four eye-opening episodes, Dynasties delves into the inner workings of the worlds most powerful and intriguing families. Each episode is built around a theme in which 6-8 families are explored. Every story is self contained, but an overarching narrative relevant to the theme ties them together, revealing stories about them from the late 19th century to today.

Part 1: Fame
Fame can break down barriers. It can transcend culture and race. Death is never the end, so long as there is money to be made. The Jacksons broke down racial barriers, but the pressure of success fractured the family. Francis Ford Coppola gambled as a filmmaker, affecting his whole family.

Part 2: Fortune
Nothing and everything is personal in business dynasties. Families are bound together or pushed apart as patriarchs and matriarchs lead the way, or let others take the fall. Business is just business. But a name is everything.

Part 3: Power
Kennedy. Kim. Bhutto. Gandhi-Nehru. Just a few of the political dynasties that have been at the forefront of generations of war and revolution. But, having a revered name does not guarantee the survival of an individual.

Part 4: Royal
From coronations to threats of assassinations, to coups and abdications, imperial dynasties have survived it all. Each generation leaves their mark as either a pawn or political powerhouse. The House of Saud, House of Windsor and, The Imperial House of Japan.

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