Documentary Series

Episode CountSerieChannel
814 Diaries of the Great War
7A Very British Road Trip
2ABC | Australia Beyond 2020ABC
2ABC | Becoming SuperhumanABC
10ABC | Catalyst: Season 1ABC
2ABC | Life of a UniverseABC
2ABC | The A to Z of Contemporary ArtABC
8Abstract the Art of Design
9Aerial France
2After Hitler
2Al-Jazeera World | Libya’s Shifting SandsAl-Jazeera
3Al-Jazeera | The CaliphAl-Jazeera
2Al-Jazeera | The Making and Breaking of EuropeAl-Jazeera
2Al-Jazeera | The People vs AmericaAl-Jazeera
12Al-Jazeera | WitnessAl-Jazeera
18Al-Jazeera | WorldAl-Jazeera
2Al-Jazeera | World | Somalia: The Forgotten StoryAl-Jazeera
3Ancient Earth: Series 1
5Animal Planet | Wildest Europe: Series 1Animal Planet
5Animal Planet | Wildest Islands of Indonesia: Series 1Animal Planet
8Annihilation: The Destruction of European Jews
26ANZAC: Australians in World War Two
3Arte | Cities of Tomorrow: Series 1Arte
6Arte | Life on Fire: Series 1Arte
4Arte | Naturopolis: Series 1Arte
2Arte | Secret Life Underground: Series 1Arte
10Arte | Tales of Nature: Series 1Arte
2Arte | The Twilight of Civilizations: Series 1Arte
4Asia Secret Lives Hidden Places: Series 1
3BBC | 1066: A Year to Conquer England Series 1BBC
2BBC | 24 Hours on EarthBBC
10BBC | A History of ScotlandBBC
8BBC | A Timewatch GuideBBC
8BBC | Absolute Genius: Monster BuildsBBC
6BBC | Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby Series 1BBC
3BBC | American JusticeBBC
8BBC | America’s Cup Final BermudaBBC
3BBC | An Art Lovers' Guide: Series 1BBC
5BBC | Animal Park Summer Special: Series 1BBC
25BBC | Antiques Roadshow: Series 39BBC
9BBC | ArenaBBC
4BBC | Arena | American EpicBBC
10BBC | Around the World in 80 Treasures: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Art of France: Series 1BBC
4BBC | ArtsnightBBC
4BBC | Autumnwatch 2016BBC
2BBC | Back in Time for Brixton: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Baroque! from St. Peters to St. PaulsBBC
2BBC | Birds of Paradise: The Ultimate QuestBBC
4BBC | Black and British: A Forgotten HistoryBBC
3BBC | Blood and Gold: The Making of SpainBBC
3BBC | Born to be Wild: The Golden Age of American RockBBC
3BBC | Bought with Love: The Secret History of British Art CollectionsBBC
2BBC | Brainwashing Stacey: Series 1BBC
16BBC | Britain on FilmBBC
3BBC | Britain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of OrkneyBBC
3BBC | Britains Oldest Family BusinessesBBC
3BBC | Britains Secrets With Anne RobinsonBBC
4BBC | Britain’s Great WarBBC
2BBC | Britain’s Whale Hunters: The Untold StoryBBC
3BBC | British History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy WorsleyBBC
3BBC | Cardiff: Living on the StreetsBBC
3BBC | Catching History's Criminals: The Forensics StoryBBC
5BBC | Christmas City: Series 1BBC
8BBC | Coast: The Great Guide Series 1BBC
5BBC | Countryfile Autumn DiariesBBC
5BBC | Countryfile: Spring Diaries Series 1BBC
5BBC | Countryfile: Summer Diaries: 2016BBC
5BBC | Countryfile: Summer Diaries: 2017BBC
8BBC | Dan Cruickshank’s Adventures in ArchitectureBBC
3BBC | Dangerous Borders: A Journey Across India and PakistanBBC
6BBC | Dangerous Earth: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Dara and Ed's Road to Mandalay: Series 1BBC
3BBC | DictatorlandBBC
3BBC | Digging for Britain: Series 5BBC
2BBC | Down the Mighty River with Steve Backshall: Series 1BBC
9BBC | Drugs Map of BritainBBC
40BBC | EarthBBC
3BBC | Earth | Expedition BurmaBBC
3BBC | Earth | Hidden IndiaBBC
3BBC | Earth | New GuineaBBC
8BBC | Earth | The Planets: Series 1BBC
2BBC | Earth | The Truth about Killer Dinosaurs: Series 1BBC
6BBC | Earth | Walking with Beasts: Series 1BBC
2BBC | Earth | Walking with Cavemen: Series 1BBC
9BBC | Earth | Walking with Dinosaurs: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Earth | Walking with Monsters: Life before DinosaursBBC
6BBC | Egyptian Journeys with Dan CruickshankBBC
3BBC | Extreme Wales with Richard ParksBBC
2BBC | Fair Isle: Living on the EdgeBBC
10BBC | Fake Britain: Series 7BBC
12BBC | Fake or Fortune? Collection (2012 - 2014)BBC
4BBC | Fake or Fortune? Series 4BBC
4BBC | Fake or Fortune? Series 5BBC
3BBC | Fake or Fortune? Series 6BBC
4BBC | Faulks on FictionBBC
5BBC | Food Truth or Scare: Series 2BBC
4BBC | Forces of Nature with Brian CoxBBC
3BBC | Fossil Wonderlands: Nature’s Hidden TreasuresBBC
5BBC | Frys Planet WordBBC
6BBC | Full Steam AheadBBC
3BBC | Galapagos with Liz BonninBBC
2BBC | Getting High for God?BBC
2BBC | Glen Campbell: The Rhinestone CowboyBBC
2BBC | Gorilla Family and MeBBC
6BBC | Grand Tours of Scotland: Series 1BBC
6BBC | Grand Tours of Scotland: Series 3BBC
6BBC | Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands: Series 3BBC
6BBC | Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands: Series 4BBC
20BBC | Great American Railroad Journeys: Series 2BBC
3BBC | Great Barrier Reef with David AttenboroughBBC
15BBC | Great British Railway Journeys: Series 8BBC
6BBC | Great Continental Railway Journeys: Series 4BBC
6BBC | Great Continental Railway Journeys: Series 5BBC
6BBC | Hairy Bikers - Chicken and Egg: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Handmade in Japan: Series 1BBC
2BBC | Hive AliveBBC
26BBC | HorizonBBC
2BBC | Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots Series 1BBC
4BBC | If Walls Could TalkBBC
5BBC | Ill Gotten Gains: Series 1BBC
11BBC | ImagineBBC
4BBC | Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher: Series 1BBC
2BBC | In The Footsteps of St. PeterBBC
6BBC | Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston's CasebookBBC
4BBC | Ingenious Animals: Series 1BBC
7BBC | Inside The Factory: Series 2BBC
3BBC | Inside The Factory: Series 3BBC
4BBC | Inside the Human Body: Series 1BBC
4BBC | Iolo’s Brecon BeaconsBBC
4BBC | Iolo’s Great Welsh Parks: Series 3BBC
3BBC | Italy's Invisible Cities: Series 1BBC
3BBC | James May The Reassembler: Series 2BBC
3BBC | James May’s Build a Car in 24 Hours: Series 1BBC
13BBC | Life on EarthBBC
3BBC | Majesty and Mortar: Britain’s Great PalacesBBC
2BBC | Masters of the Pacific Coast: The Tribes of the American NorthwestBBC
3BBC | Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, DeathBBC
3BBC | Mexico: Earth's Festival of LifeBBC
4BBC | Monty Don's Italian GardensBBC
2BBC | Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Mountain Life at the Extreme: Series 1BBC
2BBC | My Family, Partition and Me: India 1947 Series 1BBC
2BBC | My Mediterranean with Adrian ChilesBBC
44BBC | Natural WorldBBC
3BBC | Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 2BBC
8BBC | Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 5BBC
3BBC | Nature’s Wonderlands: Islands of EvolutionBBC
3BBC | New York: America's Busiest CityBBC
3BBC | New Zealand: Earth’s Mythical IslandsBBC
2BBC | NewsBBC
2BBC | News | Life in the Shadow of the WallBBC
3BBC | Nuclear Secrets: Set OneBBC
2BBC | Nuclear Secrets: Set TwoBBC
3BBC | Operation Gold Rush With Dan SnowBBC
5BBC | Operation People Power With Dave MyersBBC
40BBC | Our WorldBBC
3BBC | Pain, Pus and Poison: The Search for Modern MedicinesBBC
16BBC | PanoramaBBC
7BBC | Planet Earth IIBBC
3BBC | Planet Earth II PlaylistsBBC
2BBC | Prejudice and Pride: The People’s History of LGBTQ BritainBBC
6BBC | PromsBBC
3BBC | Punk BritanniaBBC
3BBC | Queen Victoria's ChildrenBBC
3BBC | Reggie Yates: Extreme UKBBC
2BBC | Reggie Yates: Hidden AustraliaBBC
3BBC | Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the SouthBBC
3BBC | Revolution and Romance: Musical Masters of the 19th CenturyBBC
3BBC | Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience: Series 7BBC
10BBC | Rick Stein’s Long Weekends: Series 1BBC
3BBC | RICL How to Survive in SpaceBBC
3BBC | RICL Supercharged: Fuelling the FutureBBC
10BBC | Rip Off Britain: Holidays Series 4BBC
15BBC | Rip Off Britain: Holidays Series 5BBC
3BBC | Rock and Roll AmericaBBC
3BBC | Rome a History of the Eternal City: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Rule Britannia! Music, Mischief and MoralsBBC
3BBC | SAS Rogue Warriors: Series 1BBC
2BBC | Saving Africa's Elephants: Hugh and the Ivory WarBBC
4BBC | Saving Lives at SeaBBC
3BBC | Scotch! the Story of WhiskyBBC
3BBC | Secrets of BonesBBC
2BBC | Secrets of Silicon ValleyBBC
3BBC | Sex Map of Britain: Series 1BBC
2BBC | Shakespeare LivesBBC
3BBC | Ships that Changed the WorldBBC
3BBC | Sicily UnpackedBBC
2BBC | Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean Series 1BBC
3BBC | Six Wives with Lucy Worsley: Series 1BBC
5BBC | Skies Above Britain: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Sleuths, Spies and SorcerersBBC
2BBC | Sold! Inside the World's Biggest Auction HouseBBC
2BBC | Sound Waves: The Symphony of PhysicsBBC
2BBC | Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets Series 1BBC
6BBC | Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week: Series 2BBC
12BBC | SpringwatchBBC
5BBC | Spy in the Wild: Series 1BBC
5BBC | Stacey Dooley InvestigatesBBC
9BBC | Stargazing LiveBBC
3BBC | Stargazing Live AustraliaBBC
24BBC | StoryvilleBBC
3BBC | Sword, Musket and Machine Gun: Britain’s Armed HistoryBBC
3BBC | Thailand: Earth's Tropical ParadiseBBC
12BBC | The Adventure ShowBBC
2BBC | The Adventure Show | Roads Less Travelled: The West HighlandsBBC
4BBC | The Animals Guide to BritainBBC
3BBC | The Art of AustraliaBBC
3BBC | The Art of Japanese LifeBBC
3BBC | The Best of British Takeaways: Series 1BBC
4BBC | The Big Food Rescue: Series 1BBC
3BBC | The Big Life Fix with Simon ReeveBBC
3BBC | The Century that Wrote Itself (2013)BBC
2BBC | The Chronicles of NadiyaBBC
3BBC | The Dark: Natures Nighttime WorldBBC
2BBC | The Doctor who Gave Up DrugsBBC
2BBC | The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway: The Final CountdownBBC
6BBC | The Genius of PhotographyBBC
8BBC | The Great British Story: A Peoples HistoryBBC
5BBC | The House that 100k Built: Series 3BBC
6BBC | The Human AnimalBBC
11BBC | The HuntBBC
5BBC | The Incredible Human JourneyBBC
2BBC | The Insider: Series 1BBC
2BBC | The Insider: Series 2BBC
2BBC | The Last Miners: Series 1BBC
9BBC | The Life of MammalsBBC
6BBC | The Life Swap Adventure: Series 1BBC
10BBC | The MuseumBBC
10BBC | The Private Life of a MasterpieceBBC
3BBC | The Private Life of a Masterpiece | Christmas MasterpiecesBBC
3BBC | The Private Life of a Masterpiece | Masterpieces of SculptureBBC
2BBC | The Refugee Camp: Our Desert HomeBBC
15BBC | The Repair Shop: Series 1BBC
4BBC | The Secret History of the British GardenBBC
3BBC | The Secrets of Your Food: Series 1BBC
33BBC | The Sky at NightBBC
3BBC | The Somme 1916: From Both Sides of the WireBBC
2BBC | The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World: Series 1BBC
3BBC | The Sweet Makers: Series 1BBC
7BBC | The Travel ShowBBC
5BBC | The Victorian Slum: Series 1BBC
4BBC | The VictoriansBBC
4BBC | The World’s Most Extraordinary HomesBBC
8BBC | This WorldBBC
8BBC | TimeshiftBBC
3BBC | Tomorrow's FoodBBC
2BBC | Top Gear: From A-ZBBC
3BBC | True NorthBBC
7BBC | TrusadhBBC
4BBC | Trust Me, I'm a DoctorBBC
2BBC | Turkey with Simon Reeve (2017)BBC
3BBC | Utopia - In Search of the Dream: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Victorian Bakers: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and DreamBBC
5BBC | Voyages of DiscoveryBBC
6BBC | Weird Nature: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Wild Alaska Live 2017BBC
2BBC | Wild Ireland: The Edge of the WorldBBC
5BBC | Wild UK: Series 1BBC
3BBC | Wild West: America’s Great FrontierBBC
4BBC | Winterwatch 2017BBC
2BBC | Without Limits: Vietnam Series 1BBC
4BBC | World's Busiest Cities: Series 1BBC
3BBC | World’s Sneakiest AnimalsBBC
3BBC | Yellowstone: Wildest Winter to Blazing SummerBBC
6Bear Grylls | Breaking Point: Series 1
10Behind the Artist: Series 1
2Ben Webster in Denmark
8Blue Ant Media | Cities in Blue
2Bombing War: From Guernica to Hiroshima
5Brazil: A Natural History
3Bronze Age
2BSkyB | Big CatsBSkyB
3BSkyB | David Attenborough's: Wild CityBSkyB
6BSkyB | Freddie Down Under: Series 1BSkyB
7BSkyB | Micro MonstersBSkyB
4BSkyB | Ross Kemp Extreme World: Series 5BSkyB
2BSkyB | Star Wars: The Force AwakensBSkyB
13BSkyB | Video Killed the Radio Star: Series 5BSkyB
5BSkyB – Ross Kemp: Extreme World Series 6BSkyB
12Butterfly Effect: Series 1
3Channel 4 | A Granny’s Guide to the Modern WorldChannel 4
3Channel 4 | A Very British HotelChannel 4
4Channel 4 | Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year Series 3Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Bodyshockers: Season 1Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Britain at Low TideChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Britains Ancient Tracks with Tony RobinsonChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Crazy Rulers of the WorldChannel 4
4Channel 4 | Death Row: Series 2Channel 4
6Channel 4 | DispatchesChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Escape to Costa RicaChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Escape to the Chateau: Series 2Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Extremely British MuslimsChannel 4
8Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped: Series 11Channel 4
11Channel 4 | Food Unwrapped: Series 9Channel 4
4Channel 4 | From Russia to Iran: Crossing the Wild FrontierChannel 4
9Channel 4 | George Clarkes Amazing Spaces: Series 7Channel 4
8Channel 4 | Grand Designs New Zealand: Series 2Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Grand Designs: House of the Year Series 2Channel 4
8Channel 4 | Grand Designs: Series 17Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Great Canal Journeys: Series 3Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Great Canal Journeys: Series 4Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Great Canal Journeys: Series 5Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Great Canal Journeys: Series 6Channel 4
2Channel 4 | Great Canal Journeys: Series 7 (India)Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Hidden Restaurants: with Michel Roux Jr: Series 1Channel 4
6Channel 4 | How'd You Get So Rich?: UKChannel 4
4Channel 4 | Inside Out HomesChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Ireland with ArdalChannel 4
2Channel 4 | Journey into the Dark AgesChannel 4
8Channel 4 | Kirstie and Phils Love It or List ItChannel 4
4Channel 4 | Lego Masters: Series 1Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Little British IslesChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Our Guy in China: Series 1Channel 4
6Channel 4 | Posh PawnChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Quest for the Lost CivilisationChannel 4
6Channel 4 | Random Acts: Series 1Channel 4
6Channel 4 | Random Acts: Series 2Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Rivers with Jeremy Paxman (2017)Channel 4
6Channel 4 | Rome Wasn't Built in a DayChannel 4
5Channel 4 | SAS: who Dares Wins Series 2Channel 4
5Channel 4 | Secret HistoryChannel 4
3Channel 4 | Speed with Guy Martin: Series 3Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Superfoods: The Real Story Series 1Channel 4
8Channel 4 | Superfoods: The Real Story Series 2Channel 4
6Channel 4 | The Royal House of WindsorChannel 4
3Channel 4 | The Secrets of Sleep: Series 1Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Time TeamChannel 4
5Channel 4 | Travel Man: 48 Hours in... Series 4Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Travel Man: 48 Hours in... Series 5Channel 4
4Channel 4 | Tricks of the Restaurant Trade: Series 2Channel 4
3Channel 4 | UnexplainedChannel 4
16Channel 4 | Unreported WorldChannel 4
4Channel 4 | Walking the AmericasChannel 4
5Channel 4 | Walking the Himalayas: Series 1Channel 4
3Channel 4 | Walking Through Time: Series 1Channel 4
2Channel 4 | Walking Through Time: Series 2Channel 4
4Channel 5 | Alex Polizzi’s Italian Islands: Series 1Channel 5
4Channel 5 | Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy: Series 1Channel 5
2Channel 5 | Building the World's Most Luxurious Cruise ShipChannel 5
4Channel 5 | Chris Tarrant Extreme Railway Journeys: Series 3Channel 5
6Channel 5 | Great British CommandersChannel 5
3Channel 5 | Inside Balmoral: Series 1Channel 5
4Channel 5 | Inside King’s Cross: The RailwayChannel 5
4Channel 5 | Inside the Tube: Going UndergroundChannel 5
8Channel 5 | New Lives in the Wild: Series 5Channel 5
3Channel 5 | Railways that Built Britain With Chris TarrantChannel 5
6Channel 5 | Secrets of the National TrustChannel 5
4Channel 5 | The Great African MigrationChannel 5
6Channel 5 | Tony Robinson’s Coast to CoastChannel 5
10Children of the Stars: Series 1
4Chronicle of the Third Reich
8CNN | Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 2CNN
8CNN | Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 3CNN
6CNN | Race for the White HouseCNN
8CNN | This is Life with Lisa Ling: Series 3CNN
6Coast New Zealand: Series 2
2Colosseum: The Whole Story
10Contact: Magnum Photos
6Cosmic Vistas: Season 3
2Creating an Ocean: Season 1
10Curiosity Retreats: 2014 Lectures
9Curiosity Retreats: 2015 Lectures
8Curiosity Retreats: 2016 Lectures
2David Attenborough’s Light on Earth
3Deep Time History: Series 1
2Destination: Jupiter Series 1
3Digits: Series 1
6Discovery Channel | Abandoned Engineering: Series 1Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Bear Grylls: Escape from Hell Series 1Discovery Channel
2Discovery Channel | Bear Grylls: Everest After The AvalancheDiscovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Blueprint for DisasterDiscovery Channel
3Discovery Channel | Daily PlanetDiscovery Channel
9Discovery Channel | Deadliest Tech: Series 1Discovery Channel
13Discovery Channel | How the West Was LostDiscovery Channel
12Discovery Channel | How to Build Everything: Series 1Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Killer Tanks: Fighting the Iron FistDiscovery Channel
15Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 1Discovery Channel
13Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 2Discovery Channel
12Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 3Discovery Channel
16Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 4Discovery Channel
7Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 5Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 6Discovery Channel
5Discovery Channel | Man vs. Wild: Series 7Discovery Channel
3Discovery Channel | Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 3Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Mighty Ships: Series 6Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Mighty Ships: Series 7Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Mighty Ships: Series 9Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | Mighty Trains: Season 1Discovery Channel
3Discovery Channel | Mystery Cars: Season 1Discovery Channel
3Discovery Channel | Ottomans Versus Christians: Battle for EuropeDiscovery Channel
8Discovery Channel | Railroad Australia: Series 1Discovery Channel
3Discovery Channel | The American Revolution: Series1Discovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | The Revolutionary WarDiscovery Channel
6Discovery Channel | War StoriesDiscovery Channel
5Discovery Channel | X-Ray Mega AirportDiscovery Channel
5Discovery Science | How The Universe Works: Series 5Discovery Science
6Discovery Science | Mars: The Secret Science Series 1Discovery Science
10Discovery Science | What on Earth ? Series 2Discovery Science
4Eclipse Across America: Series 1
3Exploring Quantum History with Brian Greene: Series 1
2Fawlty Towers Re-Opened
4HBO | Sinatra: All or Nothing at AllHBO
3Hidden Traces: Series 1
17History Channel | Coast new ZealandHistory Channel
10History Channel | Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will EndHistory Channel
14History Channel | Engineering an EmpireHistory Channel
6History Channel | For King and CountryHistory Channel
9History Channel | Great ShipsHistory Channel
8History Channel | Hunting Hitler: Series 1History Channel
8History Channel | Hunting Hitler: Series 2History Channel
13History Channel | Ice Pilots: Season 1History Channel
13History Channel | Ice Pilots: Season 2History Channel
12History Channel | Line of Fire: Volume ThreeHistory Channel
13History Channel | Line of Fire: Volume TwoHistory Channel
2History Channel | Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors: Series 1History Channel
2History Channel | Sex in the Ancient WorldHistory Channel
3History Channel | The Cars that Made America: Series 1History Channel
6History Channel | The Great Ships: Broadside CollectionHistory Channel
3History Channel | The History of SexHistory Channel
2History Channel | The New Age of Terror: Series 1History Channel
4History Channel | The Universe Ancient Mysteries Solved: Series 1History Channel
2Hitler's Last Year
12Innovation Nation: Season 1
12Innovation Nation: Season 2
3Invisible Nature: Series 1
6ITV | Bear Grylls Mission Survive: Series 2ITV
3ITV | Britains Biggest Adventures with Bear Grylls: Series 1ITV
8ITV | Countrywise: Series 7ITV
2ITV | ExposureITV
2ITV | Holiday Horrors: Caught on CameraITV
2ITV | How the North was BuiltITV
3ITV | Inside London Fire Brigade: Series 1ITV
2ITV | Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonaldITV
3ITV | Joanna Lumley's JapanITV
6ITV | Joanna Lumley's Postcards: Series 1ITV
3ITV | Joanna Lumley’s IndiaITV
2ITV | Las Vegas with Trevor McDonaldITV
6ITV | Love Your Garden: Series 6ITV
2ITV | Mafia Women: With Trevor McDonaldITV
3ITV | Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia Series 1ITV
9ITV | On AssignmentITV
2ITV | Poaching WarsITV
3ITV | Schofields: South African AdventureITV
3ITV | Secret Life of Dogs: Series 2ITV
4ITV | Tales from the Coast With Robson Green: Series 1ITV
2ITV | The Brighton Police: Series 2ITV
6ITV | The Motorbike Show: Series 5ITV
6ITV | The Motorbike Show: Series 6ITV
17ITV | TonightITV
2ITV | Unbelievable Moments: Caught on Camera Series 1ITV
6ITV | Wild France: With Ray MearsITV
4Life in Hell
3Making Tracks
5Morning Glory
14My Floating Home: Series 1
9Mystery Cars: Season 1
2Naica: The Crystal Caves: Series 1
9National Geographic | Access 360 World Heritage: Series 1National Geographic
4National Geographic | Americas Wild States: Wild Hawaii - Wild FloridaNational Geographic
3National Geographic | AmurNational Geographic
3National Geographic | Birth of EuropeNational Geographic
3National Geographic | Brain Games Season 1National Geographic
10National Geographic | Brain Games Season 3National Geographic
6National Geographic | Breakthrough: Series 1National Geographic
6National Geographic | Breakthrough: Series 2National Geographic
6National Geographic | Continent 7: Antarctica Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | Deadly InstinctsNational Geographic
8National Geographic | Egypt UnwrappedNational Geographic
25National Geographic | ExplorerNational Geographic
6National Geographic | Explorer Collection 1National Geographic
6National Geographic | Explorer: Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | Generals at WarNational Geographic
3National Geographic | Great Railway AdventuresNational Geographic
3National Geographic | Indestructible Megastructures: Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | Jesus Rise to PowerNational Geographic
4National Geographic | Nazi Underworld Season 2National Geographic
13National Geographic | No Man Left Behind: Series 1National Geographic
8National Geographic | Origins: The Journey of Humankind Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | Parched: Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | Tales by Light: Series 2National Geographic
2National Geographic | Tales from the Tomb: Part OneNational Geographic
3National Geographic | The Numbers Game Season 1National Geographic
12National Geographic | The Numbers Game Season 2National Geographic
6National Geographic | The Story of God With Morgan Freeman: Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | The Story of God With Morgan Freeman: Series 2National Geographic
2National Geographic | Underworld Inc: Series 2National Geographic
8National Geographic | When Rome RuledNational Geographic
2National Geographic | Wild IslandsNational Geographic
2National Geographic | Wonderfully Weird: Series 1National Geographic
3National Geographic | World's DeadliestNational Geographic
8National Geographic | Years of Living Dangerously: Series 2National Geographic
3Nature Tech: Series 1
4Netflix | CookedNetflix
18NHK | Cosmic FrontNHK
8NHK | Cycle Around JapanNHK
2NHK | Decommissioning Fukushima: The Battle to Contain RadioactivityNHK
2NHK | Deep Ocean: Series 1NHK
11NHK | Great NatureNHK
3NHK | Leaps in Evolution: Series 1NHK
3NHK | Masters of Time: Independent Watchmakers Series 1NHK
5NHK | Next World: Series 1NHK
2NHK | The Ultimate FormulaNHK
8NHK | Train CruiseNHK
2NHK | Train Cruise | Shikoku Railroad WonderlandNHK
9NHK | WildlifeNHK
2Ol' Man River: The Mighty Mississippi
3PBS | Africa's Great CivilizationsPBS
14PBS | American ExperiencePBS
5PBS | American Experience | We Shall RemainPBS
2PBS | American MastersPBS
2PBS | Craft in AmericaPBS
2PBS | Freshwater Seas: The Great LakesPBS
12PBS | FrontlinePBS
6PBS | I'll Have What Phil's HavingPBS
4PBS | NaturePBS
20PBS | NovaPBS
4Predict My Future
4Prescription Nutrition: Series 1
2Real Vikings
5SBS | Brazil Coastlines: Series 1SBS
10SBS | Costa's Garden Odyssey: Series 1SBS
13SBS | Costa's Garden Odyssey: Series 2SBS
7SBS | DatelineSBS
2SBS | Dateline | The Worlds Most Dangerous JourneySBS
2SBS | Life on UsSBS
5SBS | The Coasts of IrelandSBS
6SBS | Tony Robinson Down UnderSBS
4SBS | Wild Germany: Series 1SBS
6SBS | WWII Air Crash DetectivesSBS
8Science Channel | How Do they Do It? Series 2Science Channel
13Science Channel | How It's Made: Series 27Science Channel
4Science Channel | How the Universe Works: Series 5Science Channel
4Science Channel | Impossible Engineering: Series 3Science Channel
13Science Channel | Impossible Engineering: Series 4Science Channel
8Science Channel | Mega Shippers: Series 1Science Channel
8Science Channel | Secrets of the Underground: Series 1Science Channel
8Science Channel | Street Science: Series 1Science Channel
4Science Channel | Through the Wormhole: Series 7Science Channel
4Science Channel | Through the Wormhole: Series 8Science Channel
14Science Channel | UnearthedScience Channel
10Science Channel | What on Earth? Series 2Science Channel
3Science Vs. God?
13Smithsonian Channel | Aerial AmericaSmithsonian Channel
6Smithsonian Channel | Hell Below: Series 1Smithsonian Channel
3Smithsonian Channel | Sacred SitesSmithsonian Channel
6Smithsonian Channel | WWII's Most Daring Raids: Series 1Smithsonian Channel
6Space Probes: Series 1
7That Was the GDR: A History of the Other Germany
6The Age of Robots: Series 1
2The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn
10The Grand Tour: Series 1
5The Great Undergound War
6The Living Beach
2The Memory of Justice
6The Norden
2The Real Adam Smith: Series 1
3The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
5The U.S. East Coast: Series 1
2Tracks Ahead: Great Train Journeys
4Travel Channel UK | Expedition Unknown | Hunt for the YetiTravel Channel UK
26Travel Channel UK | Expedition Unknown | Series 3Travel Channel UK
5Travel Channel UK | Riding the BalkansTravel Channel UK
6Travel Channel UK | Tough BoatsTravel Channel UK
6Travel Channel UK | Tough RidesTravel Channel UK
5TV5Monde | Histoires d ArbresTV5Monde
8TV5Monde | Secrets d HistoireTV5Monde
8TV5Monde | ThalassaTV5Monde
2UKTV | NASA's Ten Greatest AchievementsUKTV
13UKTV | World's Wildest City - Manaus: Series 1UKTV
7Underwater Wonders of the National Parks
10Viceland | Black Market: Dispatches Series 1Viceland
6Viceland | Black Market: With Michael K WilliamsViceland
6Viceland | Motherboard: Series 1Viceland
8Viceland | Woman: with Gloria SteinemViceland
2Viking Women: Series 1
3Wild Carpathia
2Wild Italy: Series 1
5ZDF | Holy War: Series 1ZDF
4ZDF | Invisible Universe: Series 1ZDF
4ZDF | Mission X: Series 1ZDF
3ZDF | Ocean Stories: Series 1ZDF
4ZDF | Storm Over Europe: Series 1ZDF
3ZDF | The Biblical Plagues: Series 1ZDF
2ZDF | The Power of Volcanoes: Series 1ZDF
13ZED | Living Cultures: CollectionZED
5ZED | Secret Life of Lakes: Series 1ZED
2ZED | The Rise of the GulfZED