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Discovery Science – What on Earth ? (2016) 07of10 Mystery in the Outback

What on Earth 07of10 Mystery in the Outback
What on Earth ?
Satellite images of strange geological occurrences and man-made structures on Earth are examined.
Each episode tells the story of three geological occurrences

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 1: Special: Bibles Greatest Mysteries
In 2000 Space Shuttle Endeavor uses radar imagery to see ancient rivers in the Saudi Arabian desert that may show where be the real Garden of Eden once existed; did a U.S. spy satellite photograph Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat in 1973; was the ancient Egyptian city Tanis relocated and was it moved in response to the biblical plagues; google images from 2009 in a Hungarian farmer’s fields appears to show the face of Jesus; in 2003 scientists see in a Marsh in southern Spain a massive ring pattern and structures buried in the mud could it be Atlantis or the biblical city of Tarshish; satellite photos of the region north of the Dead Sea leads archaeologist Dr. Collins to believe he has found the biblical city of Sodom

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 2: Special: Military Mysteries
In 1988 satellites spot what appears to be a downed aviator signal in Laos 15 years after the war in Vietnam ended; spy imagery appears to show an American F-117 stealth fighter in an industrial complex in China; in 2004 a mapping satellite takes a picture of a lake in eastern Bagdad that is blood red is it evidence of crimes against humanity or something less sinister; images seem to show a big steel door on an entrance to a cave or underground base in Antarctica, could this be the remains of a Nazi base; a huge blanket of smoke covers southeastern North Korea and the time of year makes it unlikely to be normal wildfires; a large complex is discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia causing concern in the US

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 3: Special: Secrets of Lost Cities
while a satellite takes photos of western Brazil a cleared part of the jungle shows signs of ancient construction that may be the fabled City of Gold, El Dorado; radar images of the empty quarter of Oman show tracks or roads that may lead to Ubar, the mythical ‘Atlantis of the Sands’; amateur archeologist search satellite images for ancient walls in Northern California that have the potential to rewrite American history; a 50 years old satellite image shows a winding channel cut into the desert of northern Iraq that may lead to the site of the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon; archaeologists using aerial photography discover what may be an ancient sunken city off the coast of Wales which some believe may be evidence of an ancient kingdom known as The Lowland Hundred; in 2011 a mysterious structure is seen in the Lybian desert could it have been built by Romans or someone else

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 4: Special: Strange Things in the Desert
Night images of Western Australia show lights in areas where there shouldn’t be any, even more light is seen in the desert than in the big cities on the coast; in 2005 an earth observation satellite see a fleet of large ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert miles from the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan; an amateur archeologist in North Carolina, USA sees in satellite images what may be undiscovered pyramids in the Egyptian desert; huge arrows are discovered scattered across Nevada further investigation finds that these arrows are all over the American west, but what do they point to; a mile long series of honeycomb shaped holes is seen in the Andes mountains of Peru

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 5: Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan
Offshore of South Korea a strange line pattern is seen could this be military preparations or something else; images taken in 2014 of Mongolia show a strange pattern of rock that may mark the tomb of Genghis Khan; in 2012 an airline pilot spots a large “island” near New Zealand that should be open ocean further investigation sees a 200 mile long floating mass; in 2003 scientists see in a Marsh in southern Spain a massive ring pattern and structures buried in the mud could it be Atlantis or the biblical city of Tarshish; in the Algerian Sahara Desert a strange structure and rectangular shape is seen with no explanation could it be from the time of French nuclear testing in the desert; satellite images have confirmed that ISIS thugs have destroyed the ancient temple of Bael in Palmyra but renewed interest from archaeologists have discovered more about this ancient city than was known before

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 6: Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon
Increase interest, due to the conflict in Ukraine, leads to the discovery of a strange white splotch in the eastern forest near the Belarus border; strange spots near the Grand Canyon may hold clues to the legendary treasure of a notorious bandit; images captured in 2014 show something that looks like an airport in the southern desert of Saudi Arabia that was not there one year before; in 2014 an engineer looking for home building locations on Oke Bay in New Zealand finds something creating a huge wake in the bay; a series of 32 spiral holes seen in satellite images near Nazca, Peru could be an entrance to an underworld; city-size chunk of ice suddenly disappears in Antarctica.

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 7: Mystery in the Outback
A giant carving of a strange humanoid creature in the Australian outback; in 2013 satellites pick up a large blob of warm water in the Pacific off the coast of north western North America, and kept growing larger; top-secret activity at Iran’s nuclear facility; bright green lights illuminating the Gulf of Thailand; a series of square stone structures in the Peruvian desert appear as a spine on a mountain ridge; unnaturally blue areas over 2 miles long are seen in the Utah desert.

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 8: Riddle in the Ruins
Black holes near pyramids in Egypt; weather radar in Texas finds a strange pulsing object; in 2015 satellite images show two large white objects with wakes that make them appear to be moving at very high speeds; ruins in Peru that suggest the Inca people knew more than previously thought; in 2001 images of a red swarm on an Indian river bank; a dark streak in the Andean desert of Bolivia may indicate the location of a meteor strike.

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 9: Did We Find Flight 370
A new clue about what happened to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; an astronaut’s sighting of something strange in the Sahara Desert; and a remote village in Alaska invaded by orange sludge.

Science Channel - What on Earth ? (2016) Part 10: Stonehenge of the Holy Land
Legends of ancient giants surrounds a mysterious monument in the Holy Land. A bright pink lake could point to a strange, undiscovered new species. When a young boy disappears in a sand dune, satellite images help with the investigation.

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