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Discovery Science – Mars: The Secret Science Series 1 (2014) 5of6 NASA’s Most Dangerous Mission

Mars The Secret Science Series 1 5of6 NASAs Most Dangerous Mission

Mars: The Secret Science Series 1
Scientists and modern explorers are working to get us to Mars. NASA is building
Spacecraft to carry astronauts and tech visionaries are designing rockets and plans for colonies. We’ll explore Mars and our plans in-depth in Mars: The Secret Science.

Part 1: Race to the Red Planet
Scientists and modern explorers are determined to send humans to Mars; as NASA builds its first spacecraft to carry astronauts to Mars and tech visionaries devise extraterrestrial colonies, future on Mars might be a reality.

Part 2: Is there Life?
NASA’s Curiosity mission is on a quest to find life on Mars, but what they uncover could reveal far more than what anyone expected

Part 3: Conquering the New Frontier
The possibility of a human civilization on Mars has seemed like a fantasy — until now. We go behind-the-scenes at SpaceX, where Elon Musk shows us just how real this fantasy can be.

Part 4: Mar’s Deepest Mysteries
We examine what lies beneath Mars’s surface and uncover answers to some of the mysteries that have stumped scientists for decades

Part 5: NASA’s Most Dangerous Mission
Landing humans on Mars will be hard, but keeping them alive will be even harder. NASA scientists are on the verge of designing some of the most innovative rockets and training the astronauts who will pilot them.

Part 6: Secret History of a Rover
The Curiosity Rover is the largest, heaviest, and most technologically advanced piece of equipment ever to go to Mars. We go inside NASA to discover what it took to build it.

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