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Discovery Channel – Warriors of the French Foreign Legion (2002)

DC Warriors of the French Foreign Legion

The Legion is an army surrounded by romance, myth and intrigue. Its history spans more than a hundred and fifty years. The Legion is world renowned for its bravery. From fighting Russian Cossacks in 1853 to patrolling Sarajevo in 1992, they have always been in the thick of the action. At any one time there are approximately ninety to a hundred different nationalities serving in the French Foreign Legion. Men from China, Japan, America, Africa, Iceland, Australia, and Russia have found their way into the hallowed ranks of the Legion. Legionnaires sworn allegiance, and only obligation, is to the Legion itself, not to France. The legions motto is simple: Legio Patria Nester – The Legion Is Our Country. The Legion never leave their weapons behind, and never fail to take an objective. Death comes first.

Produced by Ricochet and Diamond Bullet Films for Discovery Channel

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