Discovery Channel – The Race for the Poles (1999)

DC The Race for the Poles

This amazing story tells the tale of those brave and ambitious adventurers who sought to be the first men to stand on the Earth’s geographical poles. Their names – Peary, Cook, Amundsen, and Scott – will forever be synonymous with the frozen regions they sought to conquer. This fascinating and informative program presents new insights into the events surrounding these adventurers and their missions of discovery to the north and south poles.
At the beginning of 20th century there were only 2 regions of our planet that were completely undiscovered and Arctic and Antarctic were still unknown and mysterious parts of the globe. Many have tried and many have failed to become the first to reach the end of the world and this documentary is the chronology famous explorers endeavors to become the first people to reach North and South Pole.
This two-hour special chronicles the race to be the first to reach the North and South Poles, and of the men who led those expeditions: Robert Peary, Frederick Cook, Roald Amundsen, Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton.

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