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Discovery Channel – Mummies Unwrapped: Season 1 (2019) 4of6 Stolen Fortune of the Pirate Mummy

Mummies Unwrapped Series 1 4of6 Stolen Fortune of the Pirate Mummy
Mummies Unwrapped: Series 1
Emmy Award-winning director and acclaimed Egyptologist Ramy Romany will journey across the globe to investigate secrets and myths of the most fascinating burial sites, mass graves and ancient tombs on Earth, Mummies Unwrapped will feature Romany as he travels to ancient Egyptian tombs and Mayan mass graves to untangle the legends, myths.

Part 1: Mayan Mass Grave Mystery
A mysterious underwater grave is investigated by mummy expert Ramy Romany who studies the world’s dead to uncover their secrets. Locals think the grave is guarded by a Mayan serpent deity. When Ramy dives in, he uncovers evidence of biological warfare.

Part 2: Hunting the Mummy of Lincolns Assassin
A missing mummy could re-write the history of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Mummy expert Ramy Romany investigates a potential government cover-up that allowed John Wilkes Booth to escape capture after murdering President Lincoln.

Part 3: The Cursed Mummy Tribe
Deep in the Peruvian jungle, dozens of mummies have been found in cliffside tombs. These remains could be the first Europeans to settle the new world. Mummy expert Ramy Romany searches for undiscovered bodies to unlock the mystery.

Part 4: Stolen Fortune of the Pirate Mummy
A mummy recovered at the bottom of the Atlantic has led treasure hunters to $120 million in gold and jewels stolen by infamous pirate Black Sam. Ramy Romany dives the frigid waters to investigate what might be the greatest heist of all time.

Part 5: Chasing the Mummy of Moses
Investigating a notorious Egyptian Pharaoh could re-write the Bible as we know it. Ramy Romany tracks down the 3,000 year-old clues that Moses, the prophet of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was actually the desecrated mummy of King Akhenaten.

Part 6: The Trail of Murdered Mummies
Mummified murder victims are being unearthed from marshy bogs across Northern Europe. Mummy expert Ramy Romany examines eerily well-preserved bodies from more than 2,000 years ago to see if they were victims of brutal human sacrifice rituals.

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