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Discovery Channel – Mighty Trains: Season 1 (2016) 3of6 The Canadian

Discovery Mighty Trains Season 1 3of6 The Canadian

In each one-hour episode, host Teddy Wilson brings rail fans around the world on the ride of a lifetime. This uniquely picturesque and informative six-part series casts a lens on the inner workings of some of the world’s most incredible locomotives and their journeys across a wide range of landscapes.

Wilson, an intrepid traveler adeparts on a thrilling ride to explore every detail of incredible rail machines and their often magical routes, from beginning to end. Following the engineers and conductors as they navigate their way through busy rail yards, vie for priority departures, and deal with the unexpected, the series’ maiden voyage features routes in Canada, Japan, Norway, Alaska, Australia, and Switzerland. Train managers, load-masters, head chefs, track inspectors, rail traffic control officers, and passengers are just some of the characters moving the audience through an in-depth journey into the fascinating world of rail travel.

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