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Discovery Channel – Mighty Ships: Series 10 (2018-2019) 3of6 Norrona

Mighty Ships Series 10 3of6 Norrona
Mighty Ships: Series 10
These marvels of marine technology move colossal cargo, bring power to entire villages, and deliver spectacular entertainment to thousands of passengers. Discover what life is like aboard these sophisticated vessels as we cruise European waters, travel 12,000 miles to deliver monster payloads, deliver much-needed electricity to an Indonesian island, and more.

Part 1: Yasin Bey
Hop aboard the converted heavy-lift cargo vessel Yasin Bey, now a floating power plant delivering electricity worldwide.

Part 2: MSC Oscar
Follow container ship MSC Oscar as she transports nearly 20,000 crates of cargo on a 30-day, 12,000-mile voyage.

Part 3: Norrona
Witness the fast and furious pace aboard the Norrona ferry as she transports cargo and passengers from Denmark to Iceland.

Part 4: MSC Meraviglia
Enjoy waterslides, a ropes course, and five-star dining aboard MSC Meraviglia.

Part 5: Sapura 3500
Hop aboard pipelayer Sapura 3500 on her mighty job to build an offshore platform that can fuel-up two nations.

Part 6: Edda Freya
Follow offshore construction ship Edda Freya as she conducts critical repairs to an operating oil and gas platform.

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