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Discovery Channel – Mighty Planes: Season 4 (2017) Stargazer L-1011

Mighty Planes Series 4 2of4 Stargazer L1011
Mighty Planes: Series 4
These planes land on ice, deliver high-tech race cars, and even launch rockets.

Part 1: Twin Otter
Take flight on the Twin Otter, the Canadian legend that can take off and land in spots few other planes couldn’t.

Part 2: Stargazer L-1011
Follow Stargazer L-1011 on a mission to launch hurricane-hunting satellites into space-from midair.

Part 3: Boeing 747-8F
Witness a nail-biting flight to deliver electrifying-and combustible-race cars and gear from China to England.

Part 4: Ilyushin 76TD-90VD
Meet the mighty cargo plane capable of delivering multimillion-dollar mining equipment to the Arctic

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