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Discovery Channel – Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 4 (2016) Episode 1 Gobi Desert

Marooned With Ed Stafford Series 2 1of3 Gobi Desert
Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 2
Adventurer and survivalist Ed Stafford is back, pushing his survival skills to the limit and pittng himself once again against Mother Nature.
In this brand new season, Ed will tackle three new challenges in which he is left high and dry in some of the most inhospitable and extreme environments – equipped with nothing but an emergency phone, medical kit and his camera to record his adventures.
From the arid and rocky Gobi Desert in Mongolia to the tropical jungles of Guatemala and the Namibian bushveld, each location presents a unique and deadly test as Ed strives to not just survive, but thrive in some of the worlds toughest environments.

Discovery Channel - Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 2 (2016) Part 1: Gobi Desert
Dropped in to the middle of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, Ed tackles his most isolated challenge ever. Thousands of miles from civilisation, and facing the constant threats of searing heat and dehydration, Ed finds refuge in a desert oasis. Home to elusive desert bears, the oasis provides Ed with a source of water, edible plants and a base to make a rock and wood house. After a meagre start, he eventually catches some supper.

Discovery Channel - Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 2 (2016) Part 2: Guatemala
This time Ed must survive in the jungles of Guatemala. Dropped off on a small island in the Usumacinta River, Ed has to brave crocodiles to reach the jungle. Once there, he is swiftly reminded how tough it is to survive in a rainforest. Battling through dense foliage, he discovers a beautiful lake and sets up camp. But as it’s the rainy season, he struggles to make a fire and can’t catch anything to eat. Desperately hungry, he builds a raft and sets out onto the lake to fish, ever aware of the resident crocodiles. After nine days alone in the wild, Ed realises that he should make a dramatic offering in thanks for his survival.

Discovery Channel - Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 2 (2016) Part 3: Namibia
Ed takes on the parched bushveld of northern Namibia, in southern Africa. Dropped right at the end of a very long dry season, there are virtually no edible plants available to him. Undeterred, he makes base camp up a tree on the shores of a huge lake, spending each night on his home-made sleeping platform. He builds a huge fish corral which gives him a steady supply of small fish to eat, alongside a bird that he catches in a traditional bushmans trap. But his obsession with trying to catch a warthog sees him take his eye off the ball. How will he survive?

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