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Discovery Channel – Man vs. Wild: Series 3 (2008) 3of12 Ireland

Discovery Channel - Man vs. Wild: Series 3 (2008) 3of12 Ireland

Bear Grylls travels the world in search of challenges to his survival skills.
Bear slogs through the Deep South in the US, into the swamps where he fights an alligator, handles venomous snakes and catches a catfish in his bare hands. Lastly he travels a path of destruction which Hurricane Katrina left behind.
Join survival expert Bear Grylls as he takes on some of the harshest locations on the planet and shares invaluable survival strategies along the way.
Bear Grylls travels around the globe to find the most dangerous tourist locations and environments, in order to show us how to survive in them. With his simple survival techniques and his knowledge of the wildlife, he is able to give handy tips.

Baja Desert
Grylls must cross blistering desert and barren salt plains in Mexico’s Baja peninsula. While collecting honey Grylls is stung by a bee and his face becomes severely swollen, nearly blinding him.

The Deep South
Grylls enters the swamps of Louisiana where he kills an alligator with a knife, avoids venomous snakes, and catches a catfish with his bare hands

Grylls jumps from a boat a kilometre off the west coast of Ireland. He travels down the coast before turning inland to cross the bogs. Here he retrieves a sheep carcass from a bog whose skin he uses as a sleeping bag (sheeping bag), a waterproof sack, and a flotation device.

South Dakota
Grylls is dropped on a granite peak in the Black Hills where he is caught in a thunder storm with inadequate shelter. Down in the plains Grylls encounters a herd of Bison before entering the desolate area known as the Badlands. He demonstrates skills used by the Lakota Indians.

Bear’s Essentials
A clip-show from previous Man vs Wild episodes highlighting important survival techniques.

Grylls heads to the jungle where he tackles a boa constrictor, he gets stuck over raging waters, and then he takes to the trees.

Grylls wraps up warm as he heads to the frozen wastelands of North Canada. He goes underground to search an abandoned mine, and he takes to some fast moving water.

Grylls takes on the deepest river based canyon, Hell’s Canyon and the dangerous Snake River.

Dominican Republic
Grylls has some tips on how to survive the hurricane season and he also eats a cooked tarantula to survive. He tells us about the hairs on the tarantula’s back legs and how they defend themselves using the hairs.

Grylls heads to Turkey where he deals with dangerous animals and he also takes to the water.

Grylls heads to Romania where he takes on a bear and dangerous water channels.

Bear’s Ultimate Survival Guide Special Part 1
Grylls offers tips for surviving in some of the world’s most unforgiving places.

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