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Discovery Channel – Machines of Malice: Season 1 (2009) 3of3 Modern Devices

DC Machines of Malice Series I 3of3 Modern Devices
Prepare to be terrified as you learn the history of mankind’s death devices – from their invention and purpose, to why the most devious devices are often at the pinnacle of design – as execution, torture and technology come together in the most frightening ways.
Take a never-before-seen look at man’s most unkind inventions as sinister new series Machines of Malice (aka Death Machines) investigates history’s most brutal contraptions, designed to torture, maim or execute their hapless victims.
Delving into the macabre mechanics of these deadly devices, six darkly compelling episodes deconstruct the ingenious technology behind some of antiquity’s most appalling apparatus to find out how they work.
From early methods such as the crucifix, wicker man and Perilus’s shocking brazen bull; to the medley of malicious machinery used in the middle Ages such as the Rack, the Skull Crusher and the Pendulum; to the sophisticated engineering of modern day methods like the Electric Chair and the Gas Chamber, examine the design, construction and uses of each fatal instrument and explore the scientific and sociological concepts behind them.

Part 1: Ancient Machines
Learn about the ingenious technology behind some of the first death devices ever created – the Wickerman, the Brazen Bull, the Crucifix, and the matrix of deadly machines hidden under the Roman Coliseum.

Part 2: Going Medieval
Deconstruct the deadly machines of the Middle Ages and learn what draconian devices like the Rack, the Skull Crusher, and the Pendulum say about the civilizations that created them.

Part 3: Modern Devices
From the French Revolution to the present day, explore the sophisticated engineering behind the more recent lethal machines – including the Guillotine, the Electric Chair, and the Garrote.

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