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Discovery Channel – How to Adventure: Season 1 (2017) 05of10 Into the Ravine

How To Adventure Series 1 05of10 Into the Ravine
How to Adventure: Series 1
After circumnavigating Africa by bicycle and rowing from Africa to America, Riaan Manser is, one of the most accomplished adventurers.

Part 1: The Surfing Midwife
Riaan and Margreet the midwife head to Plettenberg bay airport to do some skydiving. The garden route is known for its stunning views and this is probably the best there is. Rivers, forests and the Atlantic Ocean are all that can be seen for miles as they fall through the sky at 200km p/h.

Part 2: Trekking Tugela
The Drakensberg is a place of fascination for people around the world. Translated to Dragon Mountains, formed in ancient times by volcanic activity – and with the ever-present clouds surrounding these giants, they still appear as dormant dragons, still smoking.

Part 3: Oceans and Rivers
Riaan meets up with Womans Health editor, Wanita, to snorkel with Cape Towns famous fur seals. Heading off to an island off the coast of Hout Bay they enter the icy Atlantic waters to swim with the “dogs of the sea” and the Great White sharks primary diet.

Part 4: Catch of the Day
Riaan meets up with Cape Town chef Reuben to do some deep-sea fishing. Heading out to Cape Point, a great spot for yellow fin tuna and Dorado, they cast off for the catch of the day. Fighting seals, big waves and the fish themselves, Riaan and Reuben experience fishing as they never have before.

Part 5: Into the Ravine
Architect and property developer Greg meets up with Riaan to do something most 20-year-olds would consider extreme, canyoning through the Storms River! Once in the canyon the only way through is to jump off cliffs, scale rock faces and swim in 4˚ Celsius water to the other side.

Part 6: Red Dunes
After getting a puncture on the unforgiving Kalahari terrain, Riaan meats up with 4×4 expert Andre and they head out into the wild Kalahari outback to take on the sand dunes and salt pans in Andres customized 4×4.

Part 7: Handlebars and Bridals
Heading to Cape Towns famous Table Mountain, Riaan and Moyra find out that the fastest way to sightsee this iconic city is by off road scooter. Flying down rocky hills and 200-year-old cobbled streets, they realize that there is more to the mother city than they thought they knew.

Part 8: New Heights
Impressed by Archie, who took him and Wanita seal snorkeling, Riaan takes this fish out of the water and teaches him to fly. Heading to Cape Towns Signal Hill, Riaan takes Archie for his first ever paraglide. Buffeted by the winds coming off the mountain, they fly over city and sea.

Part 9: Down the River
Riaan is joined by beauty therapist Rykie for a two day kayak trip on the Orange River. This iconic river feeds the Kalahari and is an oasis in the South African desert. Kayaking past vineyards and navigating through the many rapids and waterways, they find a secluded river beach.

Part 10: Leap of Faith
Having met Etienne through Magreet at the surf shop in Jay-bay, Riaan convinces him to swap his surfboard for a bungee cord and go free falling from the highest bridge in the world! They travel along South Africas famous Garden Route, deep into the heart of the Tsitsikamma.

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