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Discovery Channel – David Baddiel on the Silk Road: Season 1 (2016) 4of4 Road to Ruin

Discovery David Baddiel on the Silk Road 4of4 Road to Ruin

David Baddiel sets off on a 4,000 mile journey to explore the most famous trade route in history – the Silk Road. He travels from Xi’an, China to Istanbul, Turkey to uncover a series of remarkable locations, mysteries and hidden gems, many unknown to the western world.

The 2,000 year old ancient highway changed the world, carrying not just trade but knowledge, religion, disease and dissent between the Far East and Europe. With exclusive access to research and investigations, using cutting edge technology, David retraces the steps of merchants, warriors and pilgrims along the largest trade route the world has ever known.

Along his journey across some of the toughest terrain on earth, he walks in the shadow of Marco Polo across a haunted desert; tracks the real Indiana Jones into the wild frontier lands; reveals archaeological treasures lost for centuries and uncovers the mystery that baffled ancient Rome, the secret of silk.

Part 1: China’s Deadly Secret
David embarks on his adventure in China. He learns the secret of silk that could get a man killed and visits caves full of hidden treasures.

Part 2: Into the Wild
David explores the wilds of Central Asia to find what the Chinese wanted for their precious silk. In a remote gorge in Kazakhstan he finds clues carved in the rock.

Part 3: Hidden Treasures
David seeks treasure in the mountains of central Asia, tests his strength against the locals in Uzbekistan, and finds some amazing uses for crude oil in Azerbaijan.

Part 4: Road to Ruin
David ventures to the Caucasus, a vital crossroads on the Silk Road, and uncovers the secret that destroyed the greatest trade route in human history.

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