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Disasters at Sea: Season 1 (2018) 2of6 Deadly Neglect

Disasters at Sea Series 1 2of6 Deadly Neglect
Disasters at Sea: Series 1
A Northwest Pacific typhoon that sunk a cargo ship and launched a twenty-year investigation. An icy fight for survival on an Antarctic cruise. A simple turn that inexplicably capsized a cargo ship in Norway. Shipwrecks of massive scale and significance have rocked the world, perplexed investigators, and changed the shipping industry. Revisit and reexamine some of the most mysterious and harrowing sea disasters of the last 50 years.

Part 1: Trapped in Typhoon Alley
Witness the violent storm that doomed a massive cargo ship and launched a 20-year investigation.

Part 2: Deadly Neglect
A series of avoidable circumstances sunk Marine Electric 30 miles off the coast of Virginia in 1983.

Part 3: Four Minutes to Survive
Find out what made the 544-foot MV Rocknes flip over in a Norwegian channel in just four minutes.

Part 4: The Ice Ship
The chilling disaster of MV Explorer nearly claimed the lives of 154 passengers and crew in Antarctica.

Part 5: Shipwrecked in Alaska
Witness the 2008 sinking of a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea and the remarkable rescue mission it triggered.

Part 6: Torn Apart
Follow investigators as they race to figure out the reason a modern cargo carrier was torn apart in rough seas.

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