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Devil Boat: The Saga of PT-658 (2005)

Devil Boat The Saga of PT-658

Of all the great naval stories of WWII, none are more compelling than those of the brave men who sailed aboard the PT boats.
The heroic story of John F. Kennedy and PT 109 is celebrated along with the rescue of General Douglas MacArthur from the Phillippines by Lt. John D. Bulkley’s PT boat.
Known as the Mosquito Fleet, the small, fast and heavily armed PT boats did much to turn the tide in the Pacific, in the Mediterranean and in the English Channel during WWII. But the whole story of the PT boats has remained largely unknown, until now.
“Devil Boat” follows a group of Portland, Oregon PT boat Veterans as they attempt to resurrect a PT boat from the ravages of time and neglect, sixty years after the war’s end. Their aim was to restore PT 658 to its original state, complete with armaments and the original compliment of three 1,200-horsepower Packard engines.
With the restoration as backdrop, “Devil Boat” takes you on an up-close-and-personal journey into the history of the PT boat. As told through the experience of the WWII PT boat veterans, along with extensive interviews and rare archival footage of the origins, development and deployment of the PT, it is complete with thrilling tales of PT’s in action.
The restoration of PT 658 was a daunting task. it is not an ordinary boat, but then, these are not ordinary men, and their memories of combat on the high seas illustrate just how special these boats were.

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