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Design with the Other 90 Percent (2011) 2of4 Ideas into Action

Design with the Other 90 Percent 2of4 Ideas into Action
Design with the Other 90 Percent: Series 1
Worldwide, billions of people have little access to things that many of us take for granted: shelter, food, clean water, transportation, and health care. But what they lack in resources, many make up for with determination and resourcefulness. This series, inspired by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum exhibition, takes a closer look at the ingenious ways that people are teaming up to find solutions to daunting urban problems. From Africa to South America to Asia – visionaries around the world show how good design can solve problems and create a better future – for 100% of us.

Part 1: A New Vision
See how designers and innovators around the world are tackling issues of urban poverty with determination and ingenuity.

Part 2: Ideas into Action
From the simple, to the profound to the life changing, see how design ideas and solutions are making a difference in the lives of millions around the world.

Part 3: Crossroads of Change
A changing environment and shifting population patterns present significant new demands on cities worldwide. Luckily, people are coming up with ingenious answers.

Part 4: Looking Forward
Come see how an organization founded by 50 street beggars is now building a brand new town in Kenya.

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