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DeLorean (1981)

Delorean DVD

In 1973, John DeLorean was most likely going to be the next president of General Motors, when he turned his back on his $650,000 a year job and focused on a grander dream… to build his own car company (the first new American car company since 1925).

In 1978, DeLorean built the most advanced auto factory in the world in under 18 months, from the ground up in a small suburb of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When British Television (ATV) asked us to make a film about John DeLorean, out great automotive adventure began, an adventure that took us to the auto show in Geneva, where DeLorean and his wife showed his new car for the first time to the excited world of car buffs; to car designer Guigiaro’s huge studio-factory in Italy where full-size wooden replica’s of Lotuses, Ferraris and DeLoreans were locked away in secret vaults; and to DeLorean’s Belfast assembly plant which was financed by the British government in an attempt to ease tensions between Protestants and Catholics by bringing them together in a working environment.

Here workers from both sides built the car that became the legend of the movie “Back to the Future”. When you see how close it all came to working you wonder how it could go so wrong.

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