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Curiosity TV – Bright Now: Series 2 (2020) 3of5 The Mystery of U455

Bright Now Series 2 3of5 The Mystery of U455
Bright Now: Series 2
Sometimes, we come across a curiosity that’s too brilliant to wait for a full feature or series. Spark your day Bright Now: a new set of intriguing, up-to-the-minute video shorts that cover science and tech, art and history, global issues, and the lively, expert personalities at the heart of it all.

Part 1: Saving Tokyo
Tokyo is the most populated urban zone on the planet. Built on a fault line, threatened by flooding and several active volcanoes, the city seems doomed to disappear, and yet it continues to grow. See the ambitious projects under development to save this unique city.

Part 2: Five Submarines Against the Nazis
During World War II, the submarines of the “Free French Naval Forces” scoured the Atlantic to neutralize the Nazi Navy. Discover the forgotten ships that made possible the liberation of France.

Part 3: The Mystery of U455
A mysterious World War II wreck is discovered off the coast of Italy by archeologists. Could this be the wreck of the long lost U-455, the last missing German U-boat?

Part 4: Bay of Crocs
The Cuban crocodile is an endangered species poised to disappear. Meet the people trying to save this unique animal from extinction.

Part 5: Fire Ant Invasion
The fire ant strikes fear in all those who cross its path, and with good reason: this ant is taking over the world. A colony can contain up to 40 million individuals. It exterminates all other species, confiscates food for its own use, and ferociously defends its territory.

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