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Curiosity TV – Bright Now: Season 1 (2019) 3of5 Firefighting Tech

Bright Now Series 1 3of5 Firefighting Tech
Bright Now: Series 1
Timely and intriguing short stories about science & tech, history, global issues and the personalities at the center of it all.

Part 1: Amazon Burning
More than 60,000 fires scorched the Amazon in 2019 causing enormous damage to an ecosystem thats vital to human existence. What caused the devastating blazes, how will they impact the climate crisis and will the Amazon ever be able to recover?

Part 2: African Animal Rescue
The staff of South Africas Manyoni Private Game Reserve passionately care for some of the worlds most exotic and endangered wild animals. From treating elephant foot infections to testing cheetahs for tuberculosis, they never know what to expect each day.

Part 3: Firefighting Tech
Firefighters have relied on the same basic tools for decades. But former NASA engineer Mike Ralston hopes to change that with MSTAR – a new breed of an emergency vehicle that brings a a powerful suite of high-tech tools from Silicon Valley to the front lines of firefighting.

Part 4: Tiny House Living Off the Grid
What do you get when you combine a passion for tiny-house living with cutting-edge green technology? Designer Graham Hill converts a small shed in Hawaii into the ultimate eco-friendly tiny house and a blueprint for sustainable home design.

Part 5: Modern Stoneage Family
Food Anthropologist Dr. Bill Schindler is on an international quest to discover what we should eat. He and his family uncover ancient culinary practices and show how they can bring simplicity and good health to the modern kitchen.

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