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Croatia’s Undersea World: Season 4 (2007)

Croatian Undersea World Series 4

Reveals secrets concealed in the waters surrounding the peninsulas of Savudrija and Prevlaka and the islands of Krk, Krapanj, Šolta and Brač.

Chapter 1. Savudrija
The waters around Savudrija are shallow and silty and are full of marine life.

Chapter 2. Krk
The undersea world around Krk is a stunningly deep blue diversity of life.

Chapter 3. Krapanj
Famous for sponge diving.

Chapter 4. Šolta
The Ribar wreck lies in these waters.

Chapter 5. Brač
Many crags, caves and hidden corners full of life.

Chapter 6. Prevlaka
Our voyage takes us to the sunken cruiser, the Kaiser Franz Joseph I.

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