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Combat Training for the Special Technical Soldier (2009) 7of8

Combat Training for the Special Technical Soldier 7of8 DVD

“The Qin Na of the special soldiers is a practical combat skill, including fist, kick, throw, take knife, take rifle, and so on. These techniques are integrated combat techniques. By the training of combat, Qin Na, you can strengthen your body; advance the combat skills. With the skills of rolling, twining, smashing, screwing, locking, and hitting, control the whole body by just hitting one point during fighting. Study and master of Qin Na, it is effective for defeating the enemy.”

Instructor Liu Yi is the combat coach for special military forces; the 31th generation disciple of the Ancient Orthodox Shaolin Quan.

“In the training of special technical soldiers, the practical technique of scout is especially important, because the scout always take combat individually. Coach Liuyi, who has began learning Shaolin Wushu since he was a child, with what he has learned from the combat training in special force, he exert the barehanded boxing thoroughly. Undoubtedly, he will win the learners’ favor.”

There are 14 of these films in total. The only eight available are uploaded in the order of the source compilation:01 – Practical Combat Application of Capture Boxing for Scouts (13)
02 – Taking Rifle Skills (10)
03 – Leg and Knee Techniques (03)
04 – Taking Free and Passively Qin Na (07)
05 – Taking Knife Skills (09)
06 – Basic Throwing Skills (05)
07 – Practical Throwing Skills (06)
08 – Fist and Elbow Skills (02)

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