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Combat Ships: Season 1 (2016) 05of10 Torpedo Boats

Combat Ships Series 1 05of10 Torpedo Boats
Combat Ships: Series 1
The very first submarine, which legend claims lurked beneath New York Harbor during the American Revolutionary War. The small ships that rescued thousands from Dunkirk. The destroyer that forced the easing of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Over the centuries, conflicts have prompted advances to ship designs, making vessels stronger, faster, smarter, and capable of changing the course of wars. Join us as we examine the world’s greatest Combat Ships, and reveal how they shaped world history and inspired men and women to acts of incredible courage.

Part 1: War Beneath the Waves
See how the submarine transformed from a risky experiment to a vessel that could change the fortune of war.

Part 2: Metal War Ships
From Britain’s HMS Warrior to the American Civil War showdown between the Monitor and the Virginia, behold the first metal warships.

Part 3: World Wars
From convoy escort to beach invader to floating artillery vessel, witness the triumphs and tragedies of WWI and WWII battleships.

Part 4: D Day
Discover the warships, guard boats, floating tanks, and other vessels of Operation Neptune that made D-Day possible.

Part 5: Torpedo Boats
From German S-boats to the patroller that helped make JFK an American icon, witness the world’s most famous torpedo boats

Part 6: Rescue Ships
Witness stories of selfless bravery aboard the greatest rescue ships of the last two centuries.

Part 7: Cold War Warriors
From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the covert naval operations of the 1980s, see the role of combat ships during the Cold War.

Part 8: The Smallest Ships
The remarkable stories of war’s small ships and the roles they played in Pearl Harbor, Dunkirk, and more.

Part 9: Secrets and Lies
Witness the wild, creative, and audacious ways navies of the early 20th century disguised their vessels in times of war.

Part 10: Wooden Warships
A 500-year journey aboard history’s most famous, most sophisticated, and most heavily armed wooden warships.

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