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CNN – The History of Comedy (2017) 2of8 The Funnier Sex

CNN The History of Comedy 2of8 The Funnier Sex

A look at how comedy has influenced the social and political landscape throughout history.

Part 1: Fxxxing Funny
The evolution of inappropriate humor throughout history is traced, showcasing the work from groundbreaking comedians who risked their careers, prison sentences and even their lives as they fought against censorship.

Part 2: The Funnier Sex
A look at the greatest female comedians and how they were able to succeed in every genre where humor is found despite rampant sexism and prejudice.

Part 3: Comedy in Real Life
A look at how comedians find humor in the simple, daily experiences most people share.

Part 4: Ripped from the Headlines
The origins of topical humor are traced, from the invention of the monologue to the “fake news” shows of today

Part 5: One Nation under Comedy
An exploration of the evolution of racial humor and how comedy about shared experiences can cross cultural barriers to unite people in laughter.

Part 6: Spark of Madness
The mind of the comedian is explored, as well as the difficult road that many seem destined to take where mental illness and substance abuse are remarkably common.

Part 7: Making Fun
A look at how effective and funny it can be to take something serious and twist it ever so slightly.

Part 8: Politics Aside
A look at the many different ways that comedy has lampooned and influenced politics over the years.

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