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CNN – Race for the White House (2016) 4of6 Truman vs Dewey

CNN Race for the White House 4of6 Truman vs Dewey

Race for the White House is an American political television show that discusses various presidential election campaigns throughout United States history.

Part 1: Nixon vs JFK
Republican Vice President Richard Nixon hopes to win the presidency in the 1960 election, but faces a tough challenge from Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy.

Part 2: Lincoln vs Douglas
Former Republican Representative Abraham Lincoln seeks to win the 1860 election by defeating Democratic Senator Stephen A. Douglas, as well as Southern Democratic Vice President John C. Breckinridge, and former Constitutional Unionist Senator John Bell.

Part 3: Bush vs Dukakis
Republican Vice President George H. W. Bush seeks to prevent Democratic Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis from winning the 1988 election through dirty campaign tactics.

Part 4: Truman vs Dewey
Democratic President Harry S. Truman attempts to defeat Republican Governor of New York Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 election.

Part 5: Jackson vs Adams
Democratic-Republican Secretary of State John Quincy Adams faces off against Democratic-Republican Senator Andrew Jackson, Democratic-Republican Secretary of the Treasury William H. Crawford, and Democratic-Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Henry Clay in the controversial election of 1824 that is ultimately decided in the House of Representatives.

Part 6: Clinton vs Bush
Democratic Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton looks to unseat Republican President George H. W. Bush and defeat independent politician Ross Perot in the election of 1992.

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