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CNN – Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 3 (2014) 7of8 Thailand

CNN Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 3 7of8 Thailand

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is an American travel and food show on CNN which premiered on April 14, 2013. In the show, Anthony Bourdain travels the world uncovering lesser known places and exploring cultures and cuisine.

Part 1: Punjab India
In the season premiere, the host dives into the ever-changing state of Punjab with a trip to Amritsar, sampling cuisine at the dhabas (roadside restaurants), a gurpurb festival (Sikh celebration), Chapslee Estate and a free community vegetarian restaurant, while meeting with local residents who give their perspectives on life in this sometimes contentious region of India, bordering Pakistan.

Part 2: Las Vegas
Bourdain travels to Las Vegas, a city known for over-indulgence, with food author Michael Ruhlman and visits locales that include Huntridge Tavern (in the shadow of the strip), and famed restaurant by Jose Andres. Also featured in the episode are Penn Jillette, and former mayor Oscar Goodman.

Part 3: Lyon
In this food-centric episode, Bourdain accompanies world-renowned chef/restaurateur Daniel Boulud as they travel back to Boulud’s hometown of Lyon, France for a “once-in-a-lifetime” pilgrimage to the so-called Mecca of French cuisine’s rich food culture and legendary chefs, with a focus on Nouvelle Cuisine innovator Paul Bocuse.

Part 4: Mexico City
Bourdain travels to Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Cuernavaca to commune with local residents who express their passion through food, art, and the struggle for an improved quality of life. Bourdain talks with journalist Anabel Hernndez on the impact of the areas drug trade-related violence and how it affects local quality of life.

Part 5: Russia
On the eve of the Olympic games in Sochi, Bourdain takes his first trip in nearly 10 years to Russia, accompanied by his longtime traveling partner Zamir Gotta. Looking through the lens of a now Putin-controlled Russia, Bourdain confers with prominent locals, visits Moscows historic Metropol Hotel, takes the Grand Express train to St. Petersburg, and explores the drinking and dining scene. One of the “prominent locals” who expresses criticism of Putin on the show is opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was assassinated in February 2015.

Part 6: Mississippi Delta
Bourdain goes off the beaten path and explores some of the food and history of Mississippi including downtown Jacksons Big Apple Inn, known for its Pig Ear Sandwich and as a Civil Rights Era gathering place, and then travels into the Mississippi Delta to Po Monkeys Social Club, a juke joint located in an old sharecropper structure.

Part 7: Thailand
Bourdain and his crew head to the Chiang Mai Province of Northern Thailand along with celebrated chef and Thai food specialist Andy Ricker (Pok Pok restaurants) to explore the countrys distinctive eating and drinking scene that varies by region and season.

Part 8: Brazil
Parts Unknown tours Bahia, known as the African heart of Brazil and internationally recognized for its Afro-Brazilian music, art, design and food. A look at the dance/martial art of Capoeira, the regions legendary food vendors, Salvadoran fishing neighborhoods, and a BBQ on the beach are featured.

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