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Chornobyl: Chronicles of Utopia and Catastrophe (2017)

Chornobyl DVD

Chornobyl [IN]VISIBLE” is a project dedicated to the cinematographic representation of the disaster, an attempt to rethink and reinterpret knowledge about the accident and its portrayals accumulated over the past thirty years.

Chornobyl is not only a humanitarian but also a representative lacuna. From a visual standpoint, the accident at Chornobyl event is in deficit, because radioactive radiation is not able to be seen by the human eye. In the absence of visual evidence of the explosion, a set of specific and constant images have become ubiquitous: chronicles of liquidation efforts, shelter construction, the destroyed fourth power unit, biological mutations and panoramas of dilapidated Pripiat.These documentary images without substantial expressivity simply cannot convey the global scale of the accident. Thus, realistic trends of representation of Chornobyl were replaced by an eclectic visual iconography – images usually borrowed from other collective traumas, varying art genres and domestic mythology. Films about Chornobyl studies are unique objects that combine art (cinema as a representative practice), policy (the collapse of the Soviet Union) and science (the anthropogenic aspect of the accident).

This documentary compilation features the following films:
Chornobyl Nuclear Station (1974)
Morning Of The Atomohrad (1974)
Light Up Your Sun (1976)
Chain Reaction (1978)
Belonging (1982)
Chornobyl. Chronicles Of The Hard Weeks (1986)
Chornobyl. Breaking Bread (1986)
Zone (1988)
Mi-cro-phone! (1988)
Right To The Truth (1989)
Alive Yet (1992)
Unpublished Album (1991)
The Death Cloud Of Chornobyl (1992)
Threshold (1988)
Chornobyl. Funeral Feast (1993)

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