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Chasing Conspiracies: Season 1 (2019) 03of12 The Vanished

Chasing Conspiracies Series 1 03of12 The Vanished
Chasing Conspiracies: Series 1
Chasing Conspiracies walks us through the shadowy boundaries that lay between fact and fiction. From the media mogul undercover MI6 and Mossad spy, alleged UFO Sighting cover-ups by the UK government, to the murky world of Hollywood – each chapter connects the conspiracy theory dots.

Part 1: The Death of Hitler
History tells us that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin. However, some dissenting voices disagree. What happened to gold hidden by the Nazis as they faced defeat? Is the EU a form of German domination by other means?

Part 2: The Cold War Files
Reinhard Gehlen was the head of Nazi Germany’s intelligence operation against the Soviets. That made him invaluable to the West during the Cold War, but did he simply tell his new allies what they wanted to hear, fueling the arms race?

Part 3: The Vanished
Documentary examining some of the most famous cases of disappearances that have gone on to spawn conspiracy theories to explain them. John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, union leader Jimmy Hoffa and Robert Maxwell come under discussion.

Part 4: The Hollywood Syndicate
Examine some of the common conspiracy theories surrounding Hollywood. Suspicions about the activities of the Church of Scientology and the hacking of Sony Pictures are amongst the topics discussed.

Part 5: The Alien Files
This episode examines a range of conspiracy theories relating to extra-terrestrials. There are those who believe that we have already made contact with aliens and that world governments are concealing this.

Part 6: The Kennedy Killings
Conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando and the death of government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly are examined.

Part 7: Murder at the Vatican
Explore four conspiracy theories relating to the Catholic Church. Was Pope John Paul I poisoned? Did the church know about Nazi war criminals fleeing to South America?

Part 8: Cold War in Space
July 21st 1969 saw one of the iconic events of the 20th century, the Apollo 10 crew set foot on the moon. But some claim the moon landings were faked. A hacker claims to have found evidence of a US space fleet fueled by alien technology.

Part 9: The Lockberbie Plot
Was Iran really behind the Lockerbie Bombing? Did the CIA invent and promote suicide bombing in the Middle East? Why were there no photos of Bin Laden’s body, and is he really dead? Was 9/11 actually an inside job?

Part 10: The Pearl Harbor Cover Up
History says that this was the ultimate sneak attack, but the conspiracists are convinced that the US President knew it was coming but decided to sacrifice their own troops to give the USA a cast iron excuse to join the war against Germany.

Part 11: The Nazi King
The British Royal Family may have changed its name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor but some believe they didn’t lose their allegiance to Germany. Was Edward VIII a Nazi sympathizer? Did his brother try to negotiate peace with Germany?

Part 12: Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll
Examines Conspiracies surrounding Led Zepplin, The Sex Pistols and the Doors.

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