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Channel 5 – Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast (2017) 4of6

Ch5 Tony Robinsons Coast to Coast 4of6

Hands-on history travelogue about the 200-mile coast-to-coast walking trail made famous by Alfred Wainwright.

Part 1
Tony begins his journey in the village of St Bees. But why does such a small place have such a big church? In the Lake District, Tony discovers the origins of the scotch egg.

Part 2
Tony visits the Lake District, where he meets one of the last tenant sheep farmers, gets an exclusive tour of the only inhabited island on Derwentwater, learns how to cook chutney and gets a rare sighting of a red squirrel.

Part 3
In the Eden Valley, Tony makes a dramatic ascent to limestone paved Asby Scar, the last evidence of a 300 million-year-old tropical sea. He also finds out why border collies make perfect sheepdogs, before reflecting upon the huge drystone cairns at Nine Standards Rigg.

Part 4
Tony reaches the Yorkshire Dales, where he visits Wensleydale cheese manufacturers, a calf auction, Asgarth Falls, joins in the rehearsals of a traditional brass band, samples an award-winning honey, meets a retired major who has turned a disused army training ground into a wildlife haven and takes a tour around the Jacobean stately home of Kiplin Hall.

Part 5
Tony reaches the North Yorkshire Moors, visiting the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey and the orchards of Ampleforth Abbey. He also goes up in a glider, rides on a giant combine harvester, revives his woodworking skills, meets an enterprising food expert and a sawmill boss, and learns about the campaigning movement that led to the creation of the National Parks.

Part 6
En route to Robin Hood’s Bay, his final destination on the North Yorkshire coast, Tony meets people who are determined to keep the local industries alive, including a steam railway. He also visits RAF Fylingdales, a family-run bakery and the area’s last shipyard in Whitby, and enjoys a day of whale-watching.

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