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Channel 5 – Operation Live: Season 2 (2019) 2of3 Spine Straightening

Ch5 Operation Live Series 2 2of3 Spine Straightening

Surgical teams from major UK hospitals perform procedures in real time.

Part 1: Kidney Transplant
Surgeons, having previously removed a kidney from the patient’s father, transplant it into a patient who has suffered end-stage kidney failure.

Part 2: Spine Straightening
An 18-year-old born with scoliosis has her 60-degree spinal curvature straightened in a delicate, precision-perfect procedure in which the surgeon attaches screws and rods along the entire length of the spine.

Part 3: Brain Surgery
A patient undergoes a vascular neuro-surgery procedure, in which the surgeon exposes the brain, then dissects between the brain and the skull base, following the blood vessels to find their aneurysm, which he will then render harmless with a clip.

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