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Channel 5 – Operation Live: Season 1 (2018) Episode 3 Right Hemi-Colectomy

Ch5 Operation Live 3of3 Right Hemi-Colectomy

Surgical teams from major UK hospitals perform procedures in real time.

Part 1: Aortic Valve Replacement
Life-changing open-heart surgery begins from the moment the chest is opened and the heart is stopped, right through as a new aortic valve is implanted, and the heart is restarted.

Part 2: Total Knee Replacement
In a time-critical procedure, the ends of the bones of a patient’s degenerated knee joint are removed and replaced with specially designed metal-and-plastic substitutes.

Part 3: Right Hemi-Colectomy
With millimetre precision, a cancerous section of bowel is pulled out of the body while still attached internally, so that the tumour can be cut out before the rest of the organ is re-inserted.

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