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Channel 5 – Made in Yorkshire: Season 1 (2018) Episode 1 Chocolates

Made In Yorkshire Series 1 1of2 Chocolates
Made In Yorkshire: Series 1
Watch out, Gregg Wallace: John Prescott is charging merrily onto your territory here. The former deputy prime minister is on a tour of the factories that make Yorkshires finest foods, doing all the usual how-its-made stuff, from bantering awkwardly with supervisors and ineptly joining the production line workforce to assailing us with indigestible facts about millions of those and tons of that.

Part 1: Chocolates
Part one of two. John Prescott explores Yorkshire factories making some of the region’s best loved foods on a massive scale. In Skipton he takes a look at long running family business Whitakers Chocolates. He then travels to Northallerton in North Yorkshire, where he visits the region’s largest sausage factory.

Part 2: Pork Pies
John Prescott continues on his voyage of discovery into the heart of Yorkshire, and the factories making some of the regions’ most well-known foods on a massive scale. He begins at Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes, which makes more than 4,000 tons of cheese a year, before moving on to Leeming Bar to visit North Yorkshire’s largest pork pie factory. While there, he tries to keep up with long-standing employees on the factory floor, making and baking pies and trying his hand at injecting the all-important jelly.

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