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Channel 5 – Inside Balmoral: Series 1 (2017) 3of3 1992-2017

Ch5 Inside Balmoral Series 1 3of3 1992 2017
Inside Balmoral: Series 1
Exploring the history of Balmoral, a 50,000-acre estate, twice the size of the city of Manchester, which stretches across the Scottish Highlands. Cameras explore the impact that events behind its walls have had on the current owner, Queen Elizabeth II.

Channel 5 - Inside Balmoral: Series 1 (2017) Part 1: 1936-1955
Balmoral has been the ideal retreat for Queen Elizabeth throughout her life. Some of the notable features of this private estate include the Balmoral Cairns, particularly the largest one. This was a granite pyramid erected by Queen Victoria as a memorial to her beloved Albert.

Channel 5 - Inside Balmoral: Series 1 (2017) Part 2: 1955-1992
As a young Queen, one of Elizabeth’s biggest challenges was combining monarchy and motherhood. Also, every year the Prime Minister is invited to Balmoral and some have fitted in better than others. Meanwhile, Lady Diana Spencer found Balmoral an unhappy holiday home.

Channel 5 - Inside Balmoral: Series 1 (2017) Part 3: 1992-2017
In the aftermath of the infamous annus horribilis, Queen Elizabeth had retreated to Balmoral. The Royal family had endured one of their worst years, and with a republican feeling growing in the country, many felt they must adapt.

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