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Channel 5 – Cruising with Jane McDonald: Series 2 (2017) 3of4 Rhone

Ch5 Cruising with Jane McDonald Series 2 3of4 Rhone

Ocean-bound travelogue with ex-cruise singer Jane McDonald.

Part 1: The Baltic
Jane takes her first Scandi-cruise aboard the Viking Sky, visiting Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm, and doing everything from meeting cats to becoming the fifth member of ABBA.

Part 2: Western Mediterranean
Jane stops off at the Sagreda Familia in Barcelona, catches the Tour de France in Marseilles and hits the Italian Riviera in Genoa.

Part 3: Rhone River
Jane takes a river cruise down the Rhone from Lyon to Arles in Provence. She visits a food market, enjoys the glorious scenery, tries wine-tasting and takes a hot air balloon ride.

Part 4: Cuba
Starting and finishing in Havana, Jane takes a trip around Cuba where she falls for the people, the buildings, the music and the 50s cars. She has lunch on the floating Rasta Raft, and enjoys a hot salsa session, before gate-crashing a house party where she discovers no-one parties like Cubans party!

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