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Channel 5 – Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild (2018) Season 7 Episode 2 New Zealand

Ch5 New Lives in the Wild Series 7 2of4 New Zealand

Ben Fogle meets people who have given up the rat race for an alternative lifestyle.

Part 1: Arkansas
Master craftsman Robert bought 200 acres of land in the Ozark National Forest 20 years ago and now has a family of six. But injuries and old age may get in the way of his ‘living treasure’.

Part 2: New Zealand
After a certain fateful day changed their lives forever, Amber and Amy packed their family onto a converted school bus to tour the rugged coastlines and dramatic mountain ranges of New Zealand’s North Island. The family have covered 10,000km in a year.

Part 3: Thailand
French-Canadian Julien lives in a remote Buddhist monastery in the jungle-mountains of Thailand, far off any conventional map. Ben learns how and why this former teenage student from the West stripped away all complications of a modern life for a primitive Eastern and religious existence, and how this choice affected his family.

Part 4: Norway
Randi was the first Norwegian woman to climb Everest, and now she uses her life on a remote Arctic Circle island to inspire others – including Ben.

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