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Channel 4 Unreported World – The Fish Bombers (2016)

Ch4 Unreported World 2016 The Fish Bombers

Benjamin Zand and director Jessica Kelly go underwater in Malaysian Borneo to investigate an impending environmental disaster. The reefs off this coast are home to 600 types of coral and hundreds of species of reef fish; it’s been voted the best place in the world to dive. But not for long, perhaps. The team take spectacular pictures of fishermen tossing explosives into these waters to increase their catch, and the destruction this causes to the coral reefs below. They also investigate another trend: fishermen spraying sodium cyanide on the reefs to stun fish that can then be sold to ‘live fish’ restaurants. As fishing disputes in the region force commercial fishermen into shallower waters, many more local fishermen are turning to destructive fishing methods. And although the authorities are clamping down, it’s almost impossible to police.

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