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Channel 4 Unreported World – North Korea’s Reality Stars (2017)

Ch4 Unreported World 2017 North Koreas Reality Stars

Seyi Rhodes and director Kate Hardie-Buckley report from the set of the hit South Korean TV show that’s made defectors from North Korea into TV stars. Now on My Way to Meet You mixes showbiz entertainment and shocking personal testimony, with South Korean celebrities quizzing the defectors on what life’s like across the border. More than 400 defectors have been interviewed on the show. Their stories chart the very latest about life in North Korea under Kim Jong-un and for many South Koreans it’s become a major source of information about their northern neighbour. Rhodes meets 26-year-old Eunhee Park, who’s become one of the show’s stars, and recently arrived 25-year-old Suuyeoung Lee, who’s about to make her first appearance on the show. Their stories help lift the lid on what life’s currently like in North Korea.

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