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Channel 4 Unreported World – North Korea’s Greatest Show (2018)

Ch4 Unreported World 2018 North Koreas Greatest Show

Marcel Theroux is granted rare access to North Korea as the country contemplates reunification. As he explores the country with director Karim Shah and his official minder Mr Ri, the highlight of his trip is the first Mass Games to be held in five years, with 100,000 citizens singing their hearts out for the fatherland in celebration of the country’s 70th anniversary. They also tour Pyongyang’s stunning metro system, and visit a trade fair and a collective farm, and Theroux gets an officially sanctioned haircut, in a country where the wrong style can get you into trouble with the police. Travelling outside the city, his guides show off the country’s first ski resort, and the team witness a changing country with an emerging soft capitalism.

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