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Channel 4 – Travel Man: 48 Hours in… Series 3 (2016) 4of4 Berlin

Travel Man 48 Hours In Series 3 4of4 Berlin
Travel Man: 48 Hours in… Series 3
Richard Ayoade and a celebrity guest spend 48 hours in a popular city to discover the must see tourist attractions. Unlike most travel shows, there’s no gushing or attempt to get off the beaten track.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours in... Series 3 (2016) Part 1: Seville
In the company of comedian Rob Delaney, Richard Ayoade packs his carry-on case and sets off to enjoy an optimal two-day mini city break in Seville, southern Spain. On arrival, the duo soon learn to dance flamenco and eat tapas and churros. They also explore Metropol Parasol, one of the boldest pieces of modern architecture in Europe and visit a film set built for the spaghetti western A Fistful of Dollars. After seeking to channel their inner Eastwood, the amigos repair to the saloon for some Fanta and a Kinder egg.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours in... Series 3 (2016) Part 2: Venice
Richard Ayoade is joined by Jo Brand for a two-day spell in the Italian city. The pair stay at the famous Hotel Danieli, formerly the lodgings of Lord Byron, Charles Dickens and Indiana Jones, and in almost no time learn to row a gondola, take in the famous sights, sample the Venetian version of tapas, and explore the world of masks. They also road-test Whaiwhai – a book used with a map and mobile that takes people on a treasure hunt around the city – only without the treasure.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours in... Series 3 (2016) Part 3: Dubai
Actor and comedian Johnny Vegas accompanies Richard Ayoade on a brief jaunt to the United Arab Emirates and the oil-rich city of Dubai. Richard checks into a suite boasting five balconies at the Atlantis Hotel, on the world’s largest man-made island. The luxury continues with a city tour by seaplane and a taste of the world’s most expensive ice-cream. The pair enter the biggest shopping centre in the world, where they enjoy a camel sandwich and a camelccino, and visit the observation deck of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours in... Series 3 (2016) Part 4: Berlin
Richard Ayoade takes comedian Roisin Conaty to Berlin for a two-day cultural break. The duo check-in at the vibrant nhow music hotel, which boasts two in-house recording studios with instruments available on room service. The mini-breakers sign-up for a guided city tour in an old East German Trabant car, finishing at Checkpoint Charlie. They also step inside a replica Cold War apartment, and visit a beer garden in the city’s most popular park.

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