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Channel 4 – Travel Man: 48 Hours in… Series 1 (2015) 4of4 Marrakech

Travel Man 48 Hours In Series 1 4of4 Marrakech
Travel Man: 48 Hours In…
Richard Ayoade takes a ruthlessly efficient approach to travel, covering everything top tourist destinations have to offer in just 48 hours
Richard is joined by celebrity guests to enjoy the most efficient weekend break possible.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours In: Series 1 (2015) Part 1: Barcelona
He begins in Barcelona with comedienne and actress Kathy Burke, experiencing the best of this popular holiday destination in just 48 hours. The pair sample adventurous cuisine, including potatoes coated in edible clay, and a cava tasting session quickly descends into disarray. Other highlights include a visit to the Barcelona Football Club museum, a guided tricycle tour, and a trip to see the surrealist work of Catalan artist Joan Miro.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours In: Series 1 (2015) Part 2: Istanbul
Richard Ayoade is joined by fellow comedian Adam Hills on a whirlwind weekend in Turkey’s largest city. He wants to show The Last Leg host how to holiday with ruthless efficiency, as they cross the River Bosphorus from Europe to Asia, comparing a private yacht tour with the low-price public ferry. The pair have an authentic Turkish shave at a local barbershop that turns out to be a lot closer than they were expecting, and share an awkward moment at a local bath and massage parlour. There’s also a visit to the Grand Bazaar market, where both men have a go at haggling.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours In: Series 1 (2015) Part 3: Iceland
Richard Ayoade takes actress and writer Jessica Hynes on a whirlwind weekend away to Iceland, a country famous for spectacular water features, geo-thermic pools and a curious belief in elves – all attributes that the pair investigate with ruthless efficiency. They go on the popular Golden Circle Tour of the Nordic island’s most famous waterfalls, glaciers and geysers – by helicopter, saving seven valuable hours. They also eat rotten shark and Brenavin, a spirit made from mashed potato, and attend elf school, followed by a speedy boat trip in search of whales. There’s also a rapid chill-out at the Blue Lagoon geothermic pool and spa.

Channel 4 - Travel Man: 48 Hours In: Series 1 (2015) Part 4: Marrakech
Richard is joined by comedy actor Stephen Mangan for a weekend in the Moroccan city. Wanting to experience its famous street food, the pair sample a local delicacy of steamed sheep’s head – an eye-opening culinary experience for them both. They then take a hot-air balloon flight over the Atlas Mountains with breathtaking views, watch a traditional story-telling performance and visit the historic Saadian tombs, as well as Marrakech’s ancient tanneries. Finally, in search of a suitable place to sum up the holiday experience, Richard and Stephen head into the desert for a contemplative camel ride.

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