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Channel 4 Secret History – The Queen’s Lost Cousin (2015)

Ch4 Secret History 2015 The Queens Lost Cousin

Tells the story of a star-crossed royal romance that begins in Tokyo in 1968 and ends in tragedy with the death of one of the British royal family’s forgotten stars. Prince William of Gloucester was the Queen’s cousin and a pageboy at her wedding in 1947, when he was fourth in line to the British throne. Described as the ‘most dazzling Royal of his generation,’ his good looks and playboy lifestyle made him the idol of a young Prince Charles. In 1968, Prince William embarked on a forbidden love affair with Zsuzsi Starkloff, a glamorous divorcee, model and former air hostess. Zsuzsi tells the story of their forbidden relationship, which caused panic behind the doors of Buckingham Palace, where the royal family was still living under the shadow of the scandal of Edward VIII’s abdication for the love of Mrs Simpson.

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