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Channel 4 Secret History – Churchill’s Secret Affair (2018)

Ch4 Secret History 2018 Churchills Secret Affair

Reveals evidence of Winston Churchill’s secret affair and how it came to haunt him. At the height of the Second World War, Churchill visited President Roosevelt in the White House. It was a make-or-break meeting. The UK depended on America’s support to defeat Hitler and to ensure the survival of the Western world. But at this crucial moment in history Churchill had something else on his mind: a former lover, stranded in the US, was begging him to get her back to Britain. Doris Castlerosse, an inhabitant of the louche world of the upper-class London demi-monde – and the great aunt of supermodel Cara Delevingne – holidayed four times with Churchill in the south of France during the 1930s. And she had a portrait by the British Prime Minister, which – if revealed – had the potential to wreck his career and damage the country at its hour of greatest need.

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