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Channel 4 – Random Acts: Series 6 (2018) 3of6

Ch4 Random Acts Series 6 3of6

Mae Martin hosts the weekly late-night short film strand featuring brilliant, beautiful, bewildering, dirty, dangerous and disruptive art from musicians, writers, animators, artists and other random creative types.

Part 1:
A sitcom with Asa Butterfield and Adam Buxton turns into a bloodbath, an artist gets a Botox injection in the throat, and a pair of frisky fingers find love.

Part 2:
A VHS stand-up routine becomes an existential nightmare, a pensioner tries to overcome her past in Newcastle, and some tiny tea cups help a relationship blossom.

Part 3:
A trip to the dentist becomes a unique and startling experience, there’s a split-screen dance with a selfie twist, and Neil Maskell stars in a heart-breaking drama.

Part 4:
A champagne cork is weaponised in an acute observation of modern relationships. Adham Faramawy gives make-up tutorials an unnerving update. A dance piece syncs up with sunlight.

Part 5:
A tribute to a teapot turns into a rave, Adjoa Andoh narrates Arctic poetry, and Geoffrey McGivern becomes a new Big Brother. Plus: the ultimate heavy metal knitting circle.

Part 6:
Including five of the strangest animated creations. Plus: Lily Cole and Lily McMenamy in a model utopia. And the series finishes with the end of the world.

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