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Channel 4 – Random Acts: Series 3 (2017) 2of6

Ch4 Random Acts Series 3 2of6

Channel 4’s late-night, post-pub home for the world’s craziest and most creative short films returns for a third series, this time curated and hosted by Zawe Ashton. Featuring brand new talent alongside experimental work from more established names, the shorts are a heady mixture of music, animation, dance, visual art, spoken word and uncategorisable creative brilliance.

Part 1.
Features balloon art battles on the Yorkshire Moors, a kinky oil slick in a pristine art gallery, and pole dancing reinvented. Plus new work from acclaimed visual artist Hannah Perry.

Part 2.
Features voyeurism in Kiev, funky modern soul from Zimbabwe-born musician Kwaye and an animation about two friends experiencing life differently due to the shade of their skin. Plus: a fashion film written and directed by – and starring – the multi-talented Zawe Ashton.

Part 3.
The king of jungle, Goldie, makes his directorial debut, stop-motion animation brings the city’s darkest corners to life, and a nibble on some forbidden fruit unlocks the dawning of consciousness. Plus: supermarket awkwardness from cartoonist Babak Ganjei.

Part 4.
A panda does unspeakable things to our brains, a pair of swimming champs are seriously in sync, and life flashes before our eyes in Vienna. Plus: a new Jarman Award shortlisted film from Welsh visual artist Bedwyr Williams.

Part 5.
Features crashing toga parties. Plus: reimagining Shakespeare with Selma’s David Oyelowo, submerging random objects in the deep blue sea, and a cheeky Blade Runner riff in Like Teardrops in the Rain.

Part 6.
Features rabbit assassins, the underground world of gangster dentistry in a Miami housing project, a nightmare direct from an artist’s dream journal, and an anthropomorphic vagina.

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