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Channel 4 – Random Acts: Series 2 (2017) 1of6

Ch4 Random Acts 2017 1of6

Jordan Stephens showcases the world’s best creative films, from established names and new artistic talent, and from avant-garde visual art to music video, spoken word and eye-popping animation.

Journey from futuristic folk grime and zombies to a very dramatic trip to the carwash with Shia LaBeouf.

From a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story shot entirely by drones, to the world premiere of Roadkill, a gripping drama from Reggie Yates.

From a supersaturated satire on the future of data storage to a deliciously noir comedy about a downtrodden husband who has an epiphany when he orders takeaway.

From a paranormal dark comedy inspired by a woman who thought her toaster was haunted, to a beautiful quasi-documentary about living for well over 100 years.

An indigenous Australian man comes face to face with a horrifying spectacle in an exhibition in Victorian London. Plus: a powerful animation about Greek fishermen rescuing refugees, and much more.

More creative films, including the video for the track Zayn Malik, by Riz Ahmed’s rap group Swet Shop Boys, and Jam!, which takes the concept of food porn to a beyond-logical conclusion.

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