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Channel 4 – Random Acts (2016) 1of6

Ch4 Random Acts 2016 1of6

Eric Wareheim presents the world’s best creative films, from established names and new artistic talent, and from avant-garde visual art to music video, spoken word and eye-popping animation.

Part 1: Claymation
From pupil-dilating claymation to Jake and Dinos Chapman’s apocalyptic history of the world and Hollie McNish’s acerbic film on public breastfeeding.

Part 2: Beck
Hollyoaks star Calvin Demba spits amusing lyrics about the morning after the night before. Plus: a beautiful performance from Beck and more.

Part 3: Darkstar
Includes fantastical animations, an evocative snapshot of life in Huddersfield in a music video for Darkstar, and a scintillating art film from the Balkans.

Part 4: Conformity Juice
Includes a music video that creates drama from an emoticon and creative editing. Filmmaker Rosa Fisher discusses her animation Conformity Juice.

Part 5: Aerial Photography
Aerial photography explores the boundaries of art, science and technology. A striking creative short captures the beauty of the human body.

Part 6: Shock Machine
Showcases a music video premiere for James Righton’s new project, Shock Machine.

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