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Channel 4 – Pop, Pride and Prejudice (2017)

Ch4 Pop Pride and Prejudice

First shown to mark the 50-year anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, it tells the story of the vital role played by popular music in a social, sexual and cultural revolution. While politicians and protestors focused on social change and legal reform, another struggle was going on: the battle for hearts and minds. This was about more than sex. It was about identity, culture and lifestyle. And the fight to win mainstream status for queer culture was waged, and won, by a group of pioneers, such as Dusty Springfield, David Bowie and George Michael, who used popular music as the stage for a revolution. With contributions from the likes of Holly Johnson, Jake Shears and Skin, Channel 4 marks this momentous anniversary with the story of the fearless and flamboyant artists, from the global icons to hidden heroes, who used pop music as gay culture’s Trojan horse, seducing us all with a soundtrack to die for.

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