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Channel 4 – Paul Hollywood Eats Japan (2020) 3of3

Ch4 Paul Hollywood Eats Japan 3of3

The Great British Bake Off judge takes a culinary tour of Japan, discovering the importance of food in Japanese culture. Narrated by Rebecca Front.

Part 1: Tokyo
Paul starts in Tokyo, where he gets a lesson in dining etiquette, visits themed restaurants, and discovers the growing fashion for dining out and even performing karaoke alone. He meets an Australian wrestler and heavy metal singer named Lady Beard, who joins him on a madcap karting ride around the city’s streets.

Part 2: Okinawa, Kyoto and Hiroshima
Paul visits one of the world’s smallest restaurants in Hiroshima, where he gets a memorable cookery lesson from a survivor of the atomic bomb, and attends a rice festival in the snowy north of the country where local people fight with six-metre-long bamboo sticks to determine if they will get a good harvest. He also samples the buffet on a bullet train, discovers why Okinawa is embracing American fast food, and visits the ancient capital of Kyoto, where he attempts to develop a taste for tofu.

Part 3: Osaka
Paul goes in search of some of Japan’s strangest food stories on the final leg of his journey. He competes in a noodle eating challenge against two internet celebrities, who have acquired a cult following for their ability to consume vast amounts of food. He also pays a visit to a sumo wrestling stable, where he bakes flatbreads for the fighters and sits down to dinner with the largest fighter in the history of the sport. He then takes a trip into the countryside to visit a farm for very expensive strawberries, and concludes the trip with Osaka’s eat-till-you-drop food tour.

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