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Channel 4 – Our Guy in China: Series 1 (2016) 2of3 Beijing

Ch4 Our Guy in China Series 1 2of3 Beijing
Our Guy In China: Series 1
Guy Martin examines China’s history of innovation, technological development and manufacturing, revealing the unseen side of China’s outstanding achievements.

Channel 4 - Our Guy in China: Series 1 (2016) Part 1: Yangtze River
His adventure starts in Chongqing where he works in a factory to build his own electric motorbike, tastes produce from a farm that fertilises its crops with human faeces and visits the Three Gorges Dam, home of the world’s biggest hydroelectric power station. In Shanghai, Guy ships his motorbike home to Grimsby before jumping on a high-speed train en route to Beijing.

Channel 4 - Our Guy in China: Series 1 (2016) Part 2: Beijing
Guy explores Beijing, ignoring the tourist traps and following his own passions as he reveals a lesser-seen side of China. He meets families who live on a scrapyard and earn their livings by processing old cars and spends an afternoon helping out by operating the cranes and machinery, before visiting the hub of the market for rare and exotic supercar sales and assists in the building of what will be the tallest building in Beijing, the China Zun skyscraper.

Channel 4 - Our Guy in China: Series 1 (2016) Part 3: Taklamakan Desert
Guy Martin concludes his Chinese adventure by taking on his toughest-ever physical challenge as he sets to break the record for the fastest crossing of the Taklamakan Desert on a bicycle. He must travel 341 miles along the world’s longest desert highway in less than 47 hours and as extreme fatigue sets in, he starts to nod off while riding, swerving off the edge of the road. Stopping in a lay-by for food and rest, he can’t sleep because of his overactive mind and decides to keep riding through the night as he heads for the finish line in Qiemo.

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